Wind turbines are giant spinning pacifiers for those who believe in the existential threat of climate change gloom and doom hysterical predictions that are not rooted in reliable science



After studying this issue of wind farming for decades now, I am convinced that they are better at producing blight and wasting energy than they are producing energy except for producing energy from your tax dollars to those who profit immensely from them. I am not giving up the fight yet though in attempting to discover how they might help humanity other than they being giant spinning pacifiers.

It's like they are there towering high for those who fear climate change and falsely believe that daddy wind farm is going to save Earth.

These spinning pacifiers are available to them in their imaginations any time they feel the need to suck on them, and just like a child looks at a plane high in the sky and reaches up to try to touch it not understanding that they are inaccessible, it doesn't matter because they can see they are there. 



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski