Canada's Ontario region has eliminated coal to the delight of the renewable energy cult that mainly get their information by their climate cult leaders



The problem is that as one group gets all giddy, there are a few who understand physics and analysis that see that they have expanded NUCLEAR and GAS. That means fracking has increased.

Wind energy is hardly any of it.

In other words renewables are not providing clean reliable energy because they are inefficient unreliable dirty sources of energy that suck up too much of your green $ energy to make them viable in our industrialized world.

"Analysis of Fig.6(a)shows that in Ontario majorinstalled capacities in2015 were nuclear (38%), gas (29%),hydro (25%), and renewables (mainly wind) (8%). However,electricity (see Fig.6(b))wasmainlygeneratedbynuclear(60%), hydro (24%), natural gas (8.7%), and renewables (mainlywind) (4.9%)"

"As a result, Ontario has committed to a massive $25B refur-bishment and multiyear life extension of its existing NPPs, onthe grounds that “There are currently no alternative generationportfolios that could provide the same supply of low emissionsbaseload electricity generation at a comparable price to theNuclear Refurbishment Plan.” (Ontario Financial Account-ability Office, “Nuclear Refurbishment Report,” Nov. 21,2017 [15])."

reference this link for full report in PDF that is a comprehensive analysis of energy use around the world

Regardless of the facts decision makers keep pressing for more renewables even though they waste energy. This is probably due to two things, people have a hard time admitting they are wrong, especially when they have been wrong for decades, and that they don't have the proper information. I hope leaders and the people who elect leaders will begin to understand that we have been lied to about wind energy and take steps to stop these from destroying any more beautiful serence landscapes as all they really do is enrich those who the money from them is flowing to and it's likely not you as your taxes subsidize them, your energy bills go up because of them, and your property values around these wind farms goes down.



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