French get 85% of their electricity from nuclear power



As stated at, "The French, for example, get 85% of their power from nuclear plants and haven’t suffered so much as a scratch since they started in 1962."

Rather ironic, or scamiffic, that this fabulously wealthy fossil fuel devouring country would host in Paris, one of the richest places on the planet, a world gathering of a climate alarmist grab your energy forum.

The Paris Climate Accord is a key gathering place of the world's leaders that are interested in conning you out of your energy. It's more like hey let's go to Paris at your expense.

President Trump is not one of those stupid and/or sleasy politicians, he got the US the hell out of The Paris Climate Accord. The monsters are all roaring now.

Fake news hosts causing a stink because they stink like all this putrid green vomit renewable fossil fuel based wasteful energy.

Also noteworthy in the article, "Perhaps first among people’s concerns are the infamous accidents at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima. It may be hard to believe, but no one has died from radiation exposure from the latter two. In the case of America’s worst nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979, actual radiation exposure for the 2 million people living closest to the reactor amounted to less than a dental x-ray. For decades, state and federal agencies and private companies tested agricultural, health and environmental factors, finding nothing of concern."

It also points out the amount of waste is not anything like what you likely think and that solar and wind energy waste is heading to the stratosphere where we see plastic wrap covering Earth keeping in heat as well as it does on our kitchen counters when covering a bowl of microwaved oatmeal, not very well at all. In fact try this experiment for yourself if you even really have to go this far to prove it to yourself, heat up a bowl of left over vegetables you are going to throw out anyway, place some "greenhouse like" plastic wrap over the bowl, let it sit out overnight in winter as you allow your heat to go down to 65 f at night and see if in the morning if that plastic wrap kept in the heat. It will be the same temperature as the room. This is what Earth does every night as well with the entire atmosphere.

Even if it did have plastic wrap green house up there which it does not you just proved to yourself that cooling still happens.

Earth is not doomed, except by sleasy politicians and sleasy industrialist opportunists who would never tell you this. Only your energy is doomed if you keep handing it to them.

Seek reliable efficient energy sources, leaders, and not ones that live in the clouds.



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