Family was able to heal living near freeway



A family had to move away from a 10 acre farm they owned located down wind of a wind farm project that was 4.7 km away which is 2.92 miles.

He and his family had to get away from bad health effects of the infrasound. It's that low resonance not always even heard sound like you FEEL with those boom boxes in cars when they drive by.

They moved close to a noisy highway instead, where Mr. Jankowski states they all healed there.

I have noticed how sound travels with the wind whereas highway noise is not even noticeable when the wind blows the sound in another direction if you are a certain distance.

Mogollon Ranch would not suffer this but it is an issue for all of properties east of the Chevelon Canyon.

Michael Jankowski says:

August 23, 2019 at 12:38 pm

As a person who was impacted at 4.7km downwind from am array of 5 Vestas v100b turbines, who saw my family impacted as well, who acquired a SINUS sound measurement system and saw my home was quite contaminated with WT BPFs, who reported approx. 100 times to our ministry of environment, but received no response, who testified at an ERT with ninety pieces of scientific evidence, which was all discounted when an occupational health doctor, flown in with in part my tax dollars said “wind turbines do not produce infrasound” and “I find it odd he would have these issues at this distance”, who underwent a 2.5 year medical diagnostic process, at the conclusion of which, my doctor said in writing “I find no other cause for these issues”, and who left his beautiful 10 acre home to live next to one of the busiest highways in North America, but we all healed here.

They were better off living next to a busy highway!



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