Computers are DEVOURING our energy


12/30/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

Although climate change is actually a farce in the belief that carbon dioxide 'gets stuck' thus 'trapping heat' the world's neurotic obsession with databases is pretty much causing bigger problems, and then to attempt to 'fix' those problems they always have 'solutions' that are built on more computers and the data management systems that abuse massive amounts of energy all coming from reliable sources, but they will tell you they are green.

Data centers that serve up all this internet stuff and streaming movies and on and on, well they are using massive quantities of power. Just your monitor alone is likely using as much as 2 to 3 100 watt light bulbs! Look at the tag on the back of it, mine says 235 watts! Then the computer itself uses about another 235 watts. That's like 5 light bulbs on that use 100 watts.

There is no serving up any other spin, these energy hungry systems rely on RELIABLE POWER and that can only be served by fossil fuels and nuclear power and hydro from dams. Wind and solar and unicorns in the sky just cannot provide this, but here's what they do they claim they are green powered by building a data center that also has input of wind farm energy or solar.

This in part is how wind plantation monstrocities like Chevelon Butte Wind captures the imaginations and get approved yet they provide so little power to anything. They merely use these illusions to feed marketing pitches.

So even though these massive farms destroy landscapes like 49 square miles of it in the Chevelon Canyon Butte region south of Winslow Arizona, these farms only provide less than 1/2 of 1% electricity to the grid.

The high tech owners of these data servers use the "fact" that wind energy is supplied so they tell everyone they are green and clean but it's a lie. These data servers emit TONNES OF HEAT thus causing the very thing they claim they are 'working diligently' to stop.

We used less energy when we rented DVD's and VHS tapes.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski