The argument that renewables benefit the broader part of society does not stand scruitiny



There are 2 foundational principles fueling all wind and solar projects.

1) benefit to the geater whole of society thus impositions on the smaller outweigh

2) dealing with climate change effectively

The problem is that climate change is a farce and there is no greater benefit to the whole of society other than presenting a movie script and seeing the film play out for real. When you have repeated claims that .0004th of the world's atmosphere can trap heat like a blanket or like plastic wrap which it cannot because it's merely air and is not the main or even a microscopic part of the cause of climate changing we cannot continue doing what we have been doing with these systems that are harming people, wildlife, and landscapes, as these systems are not at all doing what people keep promising they will do at their core, "help solve climate change" and "save energy".

Like with movies that entertain the climate change cult entertains and provides a good feeling for some, even many in society.

Facades are used in movies to present the illusion of a real scene. Extras are added for realism to make a scene look like it's an actual event. It draws emotions and takes one away from every day life at times. Television also does this as it presents the illusions about climate change which are so massively exaggerated they do not have any basis in reality other than the fact that climate is always changing.

This illusion that we much in order to solve fake climate change doom by erecting skyscraper size monstrocities that destroy our landscapes and viewscapes is atrocious and expialidocious and is in a way like a combination of a good horror flick with a number of other designs and styles of movies. It's like taxing you to save the world from aliens or Godzilla.

These systems do benefit certain swaths of society, those who make gobs of money from them. Likely that is not you as you are typically paying for them all in your taxes as these renewable systems do not function well if at all without all your hard earned green $ energy. I personally would like to see your taxes going to handle many other things, like fixing homelessness, and building new roads and bridges that actually do save energy.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski