Summit winds blow


They removed hundreds of ancient wind turbines to replace them with Los Angeles skyscraper size ones in Northern California to "make the world a better place". These massive blades towering so high in the sky will massacre and birds and bats which are nature's finest insect repellents.

9/27/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

"These wind turbines are going to deliver enough clean energy to power 47,000 East Bay homes annually," Nick Chaset, CEO of East Bay Community Energy, said ahead of Friday’s ceremonial ribbon cutting marking completion of the four-year Summit Winds project.

In the article mention is made of this farm being "repowered". Where did THAT power come from? Fossil fuels of course.

Whenever these companie$ tell us they will power all these homes we have to keep something in mind about sales pitches as such,

  1. homes do not use power, appliances do, homes are made of stucco, wood, paint, nails, screws, none of which use electricity they should be stating "homes' appliances"

  2. they never ever say how many WATT HOURS these systems can be expected to provide, a watt hour is a time measurement, they always leave that out, when I did some math on this once (I have to find the link to my article) the actual output came out to be enough to power 1 or two LED light bulbs for the night time on 47,000 homes (using the above as an example) not all the homes' toasters, washers and dryers, electric car rechargers, refrigerators, etc.. The statement "power 47,000 east bay homes annually" is meaningless. It's sales pitch. It does not state HOW MUCH POWER will be provided for 47,000 homes for an entire year presenting it to us in WATT HOURS.

  3. These systems never have the full output they claim they are "rated at" more like 20-30%. They wind is chaotic, like stop and go traffic, imagine driving to work using a sail car waiting for the wind to blow then if the wind starts up, you have to try to merge as all the other traffic is driving at 70 mph. Good luck. That is about how it is with these fake clean energy wind turbine systems that promise you the moon and give you a movie set. They try to merge with the electric grid traffic that is already flowing abundantly and rapidly just like on a freeway. Many times it's just not possible so guess what they do, they DUMP THE POWER.

Visit the movie set energy theatre here where I witnessed one turbine out of many at Palm Springs spinning USING POWER FROM THE GRID while thousands of others were sitting idle because THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO WIND THAT DAY thus proving that these systems can be turned on to DUMP THE POWER they make at times



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