0.00000157143 of the world's population believes in climate change that also calls self a scientist



Every year I give thanks for something actually many many things but this year I am especially thankful I am not a lying climate scientist or any of the many liars in commercial medias that work to get your energy.

Some "journal" states that 11,000 scientists signed on to say there's a climate emergency. 7 billion on planet Earth, 157,143 of them declare the end is near.

ROFL. Yes there is, hurricane hits land, climate emergency. It passes. It is a climate emergency. Noah built an ark for this.

In fact his story is more believable.

Oh they mean global warming then why don't they say this, because the term climate emergency is a better sales pitch but let's go with the reality, they claim global warming caused by man as if man is bigger than the frigid universe surrounding it.

It's rather arrogant to believe we can heat up the Earth a few degrees and space can't cool it but this is typical of many who have your energy going to them in mind.

Follow your energy.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski

no the world is not ending