Wyoming set to receive 277 wind turbines in River Rock, Laramie, and Albany Counties



Wyoming is a gorgeous part of the United States with vast expanses of open countryside.

Wind farming on industrial scales using your money is blowing in.

It's said the state wind tax will provide million$ to local governments but when we divide it up by a 20 year life of the project it comes out to $130,000 per year.

This is hardly enough to handle road maintenance after using it to fund pensions of local representatives in government who gladly allow these viewscape monstrocities to be built everywhere destroying landscapes for miles around as possibly their portfolios are also being enriched. This seems to be a theme where ever wind energy blows your tax dollars around.

It is a $1 billion project. That is $1,000,000,000. That is 1000 $1 million projects. That is 1 million $1,000 projects. Imagine having one million checks for $1,000 to pass around to schools, homeless, day care, or use to pay energy bills that keep soaring because of renewable energy scams.

Imagine your taxes are going to fund for 20 years 1000 $1 million projects that could instead be used to handle things like schools and pencils and supplies.

Imagine Earth is not a greenhouse, has no glass ceiling, carbon dioxide air is not plastic wrap and as merely AIR it is constantly quickly cooled and that we have been lied to all these years about renewable energy.




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