Wind cannot generate power at less than 6 miles per hour



Yesterday morning at 9:10 am pacific time I drove past the wind farms in Palm Springs again. They were not spinning. That was because there was NO WIND.

Except for two turbines. One was spinning. It was one I have seen spinning on it's own once before (insert reference video here). I noticed there was the red light on top was being powered. All other turbines red lights were off. There was a 2nd turbine spinning. This was one I have seen spinning before recently (insert reference video here). These two turbines were DRAWING POWER from the reliable fossil fuel based grid.

Today I read the wacky loons Bernie Sanders and AYOK want to spend another trillion to install plastic light bulbs made from petroleum so they can save energy and meet their goal of completely ending the use of fossil fuels. One of the ways these loons push is to build wind farms everywhere that ground exists even though wind farms DRAW POWER from fossil fuel based grids.

The democrat party has become completely unhinged from all forms of reality other than that of creating legal productive pot farms.

Getting back to my observations on those two wind turbines, they appear to be having their problems, switching themselves on I would guess because of some glitch in the "smartware" computer systems. They must be waiting on a special part from China.

An article about the "Duck Curve" that was made by a California Independent System Operator needed to explain how renewable systems seriously affect the power grid and there was this statement that would confirm to me that day I saw these two spinning wind turbines they were powered by fossil fuel energy.

"It’s obvious the sun won’t shine when it rains or snows, but it’s also true wind can’t generate electricity when the wind is less than 6 mph, such as on hot summer windless afternoons."

There was NO WIND at all. There was no way wind kicked up at the top of these lone turbines two observable times on separate dates above 6 miles per hour.

In the article it also points out that storage of energy would help the problems created by renewables but the cost in energy would be exhorbitant. A book called "Four Minutes for 150 Million" explains how many problems there are when battery storage is deemed the solution of that solution to problems that don't exist. I would call this book "Everyone pays $100 for 1 minute of stored electricity" and this would not be an exaggeration when we count in the massive amounts of energy being used to create a bigger mess and dealing with cleaning it up later as loon keep pushing their energy cult.



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