Vineyard Wind project in New England

Still in the approval process, the project developer presents summer and fall animation of what it might look like if it's built. How much energy is going to be used to take boats out there to maintain these things, to build these things, all of that is never presented. If wind was a viable energy source we would have by now had them generate a profit but they use energy instead. OMG what an ugly view.

who wants to see this crap in the distance 

Their night time simulation is very poor. I see these wind farms in Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs at night many times and from distances and they are much more noticable than what is presented in their night time animation.

simulation of night time view vineyard wind

I will have to do my own presentation for you of how it looks out here in the desert at night with these awful wastes of energy and high efficiency producers of blight.

Here is a map found here that shows the project location is right off Martha's Vineyard. I find it hard to believe that this project could ever be approved blighting these multi million dollar estates views to the ocean that would see these viewsheds and flashing red lights all night long that draw energy from the grid as do the turbines as they must power them up at times to keep them from seizing. They appear to be only 15 miles or so away.

vineyard wind development area

The industrialization of the ocean floor is seen as another destructive process, one that would ruin the fishing industry at worst, or at minimum waste a lot of energy, while it is also said would cause the loss of more lives at sea as wind development at sea causes difficulty navigation near and around these wind projects. How can we justify such losses?

Another concern is mention that eventually a tanker filled with millions of gallons of oil will crash into them.

Let's ask one freshwoman congresswoman about that hypothetically, her response is that there will be no oil tankers even though there is no way the industrialized world will function without oil, she and other deluded New York politicians will continue their quests to fantasy land as long as it gets them elected, and they can be super heros, but people are waking up to the scam of wind farming that wastes energy, uses up your energy, your electric bills are then added with these costs as are your taxes, you all pay for it, not wind farm investors, they all take your energy and live high on the hog farm.



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