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A $1 billion dollar massive solar plant will be installed 30 miles outside Las Vegas. This news is coming at a time where an "invisible enemy" shut down that city and others all around the world to fight it.

Why are we disturbing large areas of land to build solar plantations if the reason for building these is carbon reduction? Obviously we are not building them for this reason we are building them to make financiers who end up transferring our money to them rich.

In an article by the Heartland Institute Laura Cunningham, a biologist with the Western Watersheds Project, stated this about the Nevada solar project,

"The area is rich in biological soil crusts, which sequester large amounts of carbon, but which will now be scraped, bulldozed, mowed, and driven on to construct this industrial power plant".

I think this is true especially in desertscapes as much of these grounds have a certain quality of "pack" in it being undisturbed.

It also can be said though that this is evidence of the environment's recycling process of carbon dioxide. It never just gets stuck in the sky like continually piling up blankets one upon another without giving them to charity.

What happens is we end up buying these pitches by sales departments and hucksters and giving to their favorite charities, themselves.



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