what is today's date and what day of the week is it?The New Improved Trillion Zillion Octillion Billion Million Paradillion Momillion Trees Act



The U.S. Pompousitians tell us now all we have to do is plant a TRILLION TREES to capture and store carbon to solve weather change.

This fix is in by Republicans. At least it's got some logic attached to it. Democrats are still stuck on pulling down those imaginary magic carbon blankets from the sky made from one thread of carbon to 2,499 other threads of other constantly moving air and building massive wind farms and black heat generating plastic solar panels covering the Earth that because of stand by power needs to help manage the chaos these create, doubles the amounts CO2 generated which will blacken the sky not allowing any light in and Earth will stop spinning.

Well, at least we won't have to ever feel the puke from another politician all over us again.

So how much carbon will be burned to plant all those trees? Oh of course, silly me, wind farms will plant them. Some of them will have attachments to the blade tips that contain seeds that when the wind blows will throw them for thousands of miles along with viruses found in vaccinations so that everyone will become immune to all disease and the world will double it's carbon capture.

Solar farms will make them grow like weeds and cinder will use pumpkins and wells to carriage them to each location.

No one presents all the energy that will be used. No one tells us how much energy to maintain them, trim, haul away the captured carbon, and where do we store this captured carbon?

We will hire the space program to send them to other universes of course. It will use the energy from the Sun.

And with all this talk about having to vote in Democrats to save the planet from 1 part item on the table of periodic elements to 2,499 other parts on the table of periodic elements, all floating around never getting stuck in the sky, always cooled and heated by only two sources SPACE/SUN, who hasn't forgotten what day it is?

periodically humans realize that 1 particle of carbon amongst 2,499 other particles is not anything to worry about
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Some politicians think that a periodic table is furniture that is found sometimes in stores.

These are the same people who you give power to decide for you what you want done with 1 particle of carbon.

And the solutions they ram down your boat and up your mast is adding 2 particles thus doubling the world supply of carbon.

That means in another 20 years plants will again rule the universe.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski