Horse Heaven skyscraper size land rape energy turbine project needs to be scrapped


3/31/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

Visit the Save Our Ridges page for many details on the latest fake clean energy project that is in planning and approval/REJECT stages.

Start the process there by discovering where a lot of Washington's reliable non-intermittant hydro energy goes, to LOS ANGELES a place of many illusions like that of how in order to fight the invisible that no one has proven exists in our breath the 'health' departments decided it was essential to allow liquor stores to remain open and movie, video, television production to continue, while shutting down essential sit down dining and of all things fitness centers that kept people healthy and many other obviously unbalanced political decisions all based on delusions, errors, greed, and the threat of portfolio change.

This excess electric energy already produced by hydro with it's abundant water flows and dams made to produce it in Washington state is plentiful without these additional wind plantations that enslave us to higher rates and would seem to indicate no real need for Washington to add more of these fake clean energy systems especially when it's got more authentic clean energy than it can handle.

These wind systems feed their energy mostly to portfolios as that is their main purpose.

The plan is by another wind developer that uses your money to install 224 dizzy sticks that would ruin pristine coutryside and ridgeline viewscapes.

They would interfere with the majestic beauty that draws tourism there in the hundreds of millions of dollars worth, you can see the images on the Save Our Ridges home page showing how they incredibly beautiful they look now and how awful they would look if turbines were installed there. They would also influence decisions by some as to where they prefer to live and retire.

The following contains my thoughts on the foundational flaws in the base of these wind energy systems. I was going to send to the public meeting where they were taking public comments Tuesday, 5pm 3/30/2021 but did not get finished in time. Please feel free to use any or all of this in any public meeting in voicing opposition to insalling any more wasteful wind turbines anywhere on the planet. The goal is they should all be removed by 2050 not installing more.

They do not do anything to adjust climate. They are marketed as a solution to a non-existent problem. The public has got to get a grip on this before we ruin yet another beautiful landscape to merely waste and transfer our energy to the industrialist porfolios. They are not needed and if this project in Washington does not present this fact so glaringly obvious what does?

We simply have got to get unstuck in this delusion of climate change caused by basically non-existent RECYCLABLE carbon or we are going to continue to ruin the planet with all the natural energy dependent mechanisms required to build these wasteful spinning propeller sticks are as big as downtown Los Angeles skyscrapers.



The foundation or base for all these so called 'clean energy' systems is based on an unstable foundation. It's as if all who keep pushing their installation and those who go along with their installation have ignored fundamentals such as having the experts inspect their foundations. It's as if they keep firing all engineering firms that have the knowledge on whether these systems can stand on the quicksand like materials they are being built on, instead just rubber stamping a permit without inspecting that base.

This 'base' is the alleged climate emergency and obsessive unbalanced push for 'clean energy' of which these wind turbine systems only provide a facade like in a movie studio back lot set presenting an illusion.

No government body in planning would allow such ignoring of these foundations, a normal building cannot be even started without it's foundation plans inspected, but it is going on constantly with these wind energy systems. All caution as to how they affect the entire grid and whether they actually regulate the Earth's temperature if they do at all is thrown to the wind.

Analysis of these wind turbine systems shows consistently as they are installed as a part of the grid, they barely produce any energy that is actually usable.

The other main reason they are installed which is on a poor foundation is the false claim that climate needs adjusting by man. There absolutely no statistical impact that carbon dioxide has on climate so these lies about climate have formed the base material for their destroying landscapes everywhere. Climate is only changed by the sun, frigid space, and water vapor along with the process of convection, that is all. What man does even in the industrial age is statistically insignificant. Mathematics and physics that examine the basis for these lies about climate control have proven this assertion repeatedly.

These wind systems rely on back up fossil fuels like natural gas to kick in when needed, they never provide anything near what the sales pitchers claim more like around 20% of the promised energy they can add to a grid that cannot always even utilize that energy. When the grid cannot utilize it is even dumped burned up by other turbines.

The turbines rely on electricity from the grid 24/7. They are erratic thus like a car stopping and starting uses more energy and when a car is in traffic and does this as it's sputtering the rest of the cars get slowed down as they all travel on the same energy highway (the grid) so to speak. Adding so much of these inefficient energy sources to grids makes it all worse. Grid operators know this. They have told all their bosses repeatedly.

Grids have  traffic that the flow works best with reliable sources that do not vary with the wind. The turbines are 100% dependent on hundreds of gallons of fossil fuel derived oils for hydraulics which is never much pointed out to the public, they are taught they are more like pinwheels with a generator attached, as if they are as pure as a spring showers that bring May flowers, thus, the foundational claims that they will free us from fossil fuels is false.

The entire grid is also dependent on fossil fuels that will never change. It is so disingenuous for the marketeers and profiteers of these wind systems to continue to present as if they have any chance of freeing the world from dependence on fossil fuels and again the claims are presented as a base that is not a good mix, it creates a quicksand like foundation. These systems simply cannot do what is promised they create havoc. Again, the grid operators know this, engineers know this, politicians may or may not have a clue about this but need to or they will make decisions for decades of higher rates which means more of the very thing that is claimed to need removal from the atmosphere, carbon, which by the way is not a toxin nor does it form blankets and is recycled by climate changing constantly.

Germany power rates are about 4x that of China and 2.5x that of the USA. Money is needed for those rates. Money is energy. It takes energy to make money. China is not dependent on the breeze. Germany has become dependent on the breezes as they have more wind plantations that enslave us.

People look to wide open spaces to recharge, people look to visit and retire at pristine viewscapes not wind turbine monstrosities. Jobs created are so minimal. A nuclear power plant would use one mile square, this plantation of wind spinners would use up 112 square miles. None of these should be built when the foundations are shaky, that is, the base of why they keep being sold to the public as some kind of fix to a problem that simply does not exist. The atmosphere is stated to have about 400 parts per million of CO2. That is a mere 1 part per 2,499 other parts of air, movable, not a blanket that gets 'stuck'.

Think of worrying about what adding $.01 to a budget of $24.99 would do, nothing really. All these claims of carbon dioxide causing global warming is an illusion, a lie, deceptive marketing practice and that is the base that we have to look at here when considering such an impactful industrial project.

It was stated that land owners that are farmers that have been there for generations "deserve the opportunity to benefit from energy projects". No one that owns any land deserves the benefits from such massive impacts just because they own the land no matter how long they had it. It would cause a massive impact on an entire region. They deserve only the regular opportunity to request permission for a special use, a wavier on such a long term project that will be billed to residents and taxpayers (all of which have been repeatedly proven to upset land uses, viewscapes and little mentioned windscapes) from the public of which the regions residents and visitors must be given what they deserve the opportunity to express their concerns in total fairness and for the public not a bureaucracy or heavy handed approach to make that decision whether to allow such a drastic long term wasteful change or not. One of the worst things of these wind plantation energy power plants is the flashing red lights at night, they completely ruin soothing dark night time viewscapes. I have seen these up close and in various distances many times throughout a decade and a half living near the 2000+ installed at Palm Springs, these things are a disaster to the natural beauty. During the day they are stark white Los Angeles city skyscraper in size spinning propeller sticks and so horribly ugly. They are a distraction and can be disorienting when they are spinning if you drive alongside them or on the freeway they surround. The shadow flicker they create is horribly unnatural and disturbing.

The basis for building all of these inefficient wind turbine power plant monstrosities that consume vast amounts of land such as this one on 112 square miles on the foundation of solving climate change is poor planning. These foundations of the claims of their perceived need, need to be inspected. They are never built without being propped up by the consumer as they are always net losses, that means they use more energy than they produce. This has been known by the investment community forever.

Carbon dioxide is recycled anyway by precipitation and convection, it's brought back to the ground constantly for reuse by plants and soil. There is no climate emergency.

Carbon blankets do not exist. There is no solid it is a mix of air. No getting stuck ever. Earth has no problem releasing heat. If anyone has one of these imaginary blankets they claim is real as seen on TV and other propaganda please send it to me so I may cover an open window with it for insulation. A solid piece of glass always does better than any carbon dioxide 'blanket' ever has, I have tested this.

Test it for yourself, exhale over an open window in winter, see how well it acts as a blanket, that is what is claimed to be in the sky. It's all a big lie to con rate payers out of their money for 30 years with each of these systems. These lies are a bad foundation to build on. None should be approved.

These industrial wind power plants are not necessary. They cause electric bills to rise into the stratosphere, that is what the main focus should be, stopping electric bills from rising so high not illusions of massive sprawling ugly wind turbines supposedly saving the planet, they do just the opposite.

The goal should be to stop all installations and remove them all by 2050 as their somewhat useful life and exorbitant cost (waste) is complete.

"Why should a nickel be spent on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, much less the billions of dollars Germany and the rest of the world has spent? This is based on the flawed notion that CO2 is the control knob for the Earth’s temperature and is a futile attempt to control the uncontrollable, that is, the temperature of the planet." - Stop These Things


Respectfully yours,
Kenneth Wegorowski




copyright 2021 Kenneth Wegorowski