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by Kenneth Wegorowski on 10/30/2019 with updates to structure and additions on 5/15/2020 first published on this date

There is so much distortion when it comes to sales pitches in everything we encounter in life, but none quite so affective of the public as renewable energy which deems we must save ourselves from a changing climate that always changes on it's own and what we do as humans does statistically ZERO to affect it.

If it's a more pleasent tone of distortion we would call this harmonic distortion. When it's applied to renewable energy pitches we call this hot air. The climate pushers always present the measure of AIR weight in 'tonnes'. 1 tonne of carbon dioxide AIR is said to equal about the same as a 'ton' of steel being 2204 lbs. This measure is thrown around a lot like a ton of bricks made of steel to make it sound like carbon dioxide AIR is going to hit us if we don't do something about it which always ends up making more energy go to industrialists.

Meanwhile we use reliable fossil fuels to move great bodies of water to places like Los Angeles which is naturally more of a desert but is now lushly landscaped and thus causes climate change as water evaporation changes the climate there in a statistically significant manner, but even this is statistically insignificant when it comes to the over all climate there as although humidity levels have changed the climate patterns remain basically the same with ocean breezes still blowing in, deserts getting hot in summer, etc.

The outrageous claims that a part of our AIR is getting stuck in the sky and can't move thus trapping heat is laughable all the way to the bank for all involved in climate hucksterism. Carbon dioxide is produced during the processes of decay of organic matter. This happens in the fermentation of sugars in all sorts of things. Are breweries being carbon taxed to death yet? If not why? I would guess more beer is consumed in this world than fossil fuels. Are sugar coated infused children's teeth rotting cereals being carbon taxed? Their sugar product is consumed and in the human gut ferments and causes gas and farting thus more carbon dioxide that "will kill us if we don't stop it".

In reading about a STOPPED application for a wind farm some interesting things appear worthy of notice and discussion in trying to convince us in allowing landscape change which no one in these fake renewable schemes cares much about,

If approved, the Crookwell 3 Wind Farm would save between 145,715 and 208,654 tonnes of CO2 annually (when compared to generating the same amount of electricity from black coal fired power stations). This is the equivalent of taking up to 48,188 cars off the road, or planting up to 311,425 trees. The electricity generated by the wind farm could supply up to 33,225 households with energy, or a population of 86,385 people.” https://www.ipcn.nsw.gov.au/resources/pac/media/files/pac/projects/2015/02/crookwell-iii-wind-farm/determination/crookwell-3-wind-farm-ssd-6695--statement-of-reasons.pdf

I would write this a little differently, ".....would save about 200,000 tons of AIR from entering AIR and all being interspersed, which is equivalent to taking up to 48,000 cars off the road for ten minutes because of a traffic jam due to massive wildfire on the highway, but then they have to drive to get to their destinations and thus use more energy than normal sitting in traffic waiting or sitting waiting off the side of the road or taking routes that are winding around the fire causing greater distances to be traveled*.

Or leaving as many as 300,000 trees alone instead of making wasteful PAPER BAGS out of these wildlife homes as we use efficient multi use thin plastic bags again that were banned during the woodlands holocaust because it was deemed that these multi-use bags could only have one use, to bring groceries home efficiently then be used for carrying other things many many times and also for garbage bags that were 8 times thinner than typical garbage bags thus saved the environment but no the puke green misled energy crowd deemed this better even though it's causing more problems of homeless for wildlife than ever and millions of birds that lose their homes in the forest for paper bags end up flying high in the sky looking for a new home to then be shredded by white colonists. The electricity illusion generated could appear as much as powering 33,000 households with enough energy to power their toasters for the morning and maybe recharge their devices for a day, or a population of 86,000 people remaining frustrated as they became 100% dependent on unreliable chaotic wind energy and the grid and utilities keep shutting the grids down now when the wind blows, the very time these wind farms are actually producing power, thus, the grid ends up only being powered by reliable coal, other fossil fuels, and once again nuclear as stand by generators are on longer to balance out this chaos much like how military or police come in to handle riots thus using more energy because of renewable energy."

Item 36 stated "bushfire risks associated with the turbines catching on fire as they house electrical and mechanical components (which contain flammable oils and hydraulic fluids);" which reminds us that these turbines are fire risks that should never be placed near forests like at Chevelon Butte next to the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest where there is no rapid close by response within a few miles.

In the report item 40 states the following about aesthetics,

"The Department’s Addendum Assessment Report concluded that “In summary, following its assessment of the project, the Department considers that the environmental impacts of the project outweigh its benefits and that the site is unsuitable for a large-scale wind farm on the following grounds: the project would result in unacceptable impacts on the landscape character and significant landscape features; the project would result in unacceptable direct and cumulative visual impacts on residences, public viewpoints and the surrounding landscape; the majority of submissions from residences in the local area object to the project and Upper Lachlan Shire Council maintains residual concerns about the impacts of the project; and the project is not consistent with the current land use zoning provisions. Consequently, the Department considers that on balance the Crookwell 3 Wind Farm is not in the public interest, and should not be approved.

In the report item 124.

"The Applicant’s 2 September 2019 correspondence also contends that “taller rotors are perceived as having a slower motion and are less likely to draw the eye than smaller rotors (such as those used at the Crookwell 1 windfarm).”

This is simply NOT TRUE.

I have driven by these farms in Palm Springs multiple times on side roads and on Interstate 10 in both directions west and east and they all "draw the eye" just in different ways. The taller ones with massively large "slower spinning" blades are so big you cannot ignore them and they hypnotize the viewer. The smaller ones also draw the eye because of their faster speed, if these smaller turbines were viewed on a very slight breeze day we could say "they are less likely to draw the eye" but in direct comparison to larger ones based on this speed factor it is erroneous to conclude the taller ones are "less likely to draw the eye" and at times they actually draw the eye more because of their massive size even though their RPM may be less. You can notice the faster spinning ones like how you notice a speed demon on the highway suddenly passing you. The larger slower spinning ones are like a slow moving Godzilla towering infront and above you waving arms. Both are noticed by the eye equally.

Item 40 mentions a landscape going from "pastoral" as in grazing pasture for cows to "windfarm pasatoral" due to a gradual change in neighboring areas that did allow approval of wind farms many years prior. This points out concern for all who are within tens of miles around these industrial blight dark dependent on standby power fossil fuel generation wind farms.

Talking points from the above:

  1. claims are made that taller slower RPM turbines are less likely to draw the eye but this is incorrect
  2. application denied based on the destruction of aesthetics of a broad area covering many miles
  3. climate change distortions is primary basis for all renewable energy sales pitches embedded at their core foundation sometimes not even noticed like underground cables as they are so deep with claims that carbon dioxide is cause when it is not, water vapor causes ALL of it, every other form of AIR is statistically completely 100% insigificant thus the installation of wind farms for the public good does not hold water
  4. if you live 10 or 20 miles away you could be impacted and you need to present your objections as if Chevelon Butte industrial wind is allowed to blow in then that land becomes "windfarm pastoral" and all lands surrounding are changed by this designation in planning considerations

*there is an analogy in there somewhere although it might not be readily apparent based on the concept that these renewable energy schemes rely on stand by power and fossil fuels heavily to function at all thus much of the power may 'generated' can get stuck in grid traffic and get burned up and wasted so to speak because of being stuck, it's like you are in your car there having to wait longer while leaving the air conditioner in the car or heater turned on so that you remain comfortable "powering 10,000 commuters environment" similar to how they say "will power 10,000 homes" the problems with chaotic wind energy generation and delivery and management are like this, you still travel the same distance like how they say 'powering so and so homes' but you are actually using more energy when there are these traffic jams and grid power jams and it appears by all of my studies that these chaotic renewable energy sources are creating a grid problem like this and then then when the "wind blows fierce in the grid" so to speak these renewables "cause a spark igniting a wildfire" that brings the grid to a halt in an area, thus we have seen power outages appear due to renewables and other alternates that are unreliable and chaotic when they did not occur when we had reliable coal, nuclear, natural gas, and hydro



copyright 2019 Keneneth Wegorowski