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written by Kenneth Wegorowski 3/31/2020

So I read about tonnes (or tons) of how "California’s greenhouse gas emissions spiked in 2004 at 493 million metric tons, prompting state lawmakers to write and pass sweeping legislation." Weird, when something spikes that means it's at the top, not going higher and higher, regardless of that, the amount may seem like a lot but it is nothing.

These guys are always throwing these big numbers around at you as a pitch to get you to buy their products, like "renewable" energy which makes you poor and them rich with your energy.

Some math. I love math.

The average mass of the atmosphere is about 5 quadrillion (5×1015) tonnes (wikipedia)

To give you a perspective of how little California's emissions spiked at a decade and a half ago lets write it out with all the zeros and then divide.

493,000,000 - million

5,000,000,000,000,000 - quadrillion

493,000,000 - million

5,000,000,000,000,000 - quadrillion

493/5,000,000,000 or 493/5 billion

.0000000986th of the entire atmosphere of Earth. Of course that 493 million tons was for just California but since most of America is flyover states with little pollution and California population is 41 million which is 11% of the entire country let's assume that the entire United States then would have spiked at 9 times that = .0000008874th of the world's atmosphere

Since there are other countries, let's just say 20x, no 50x that to cover the rest of the planet's emissions from the big countries that are industrialized and we get .00004437th.

To be safe let's make that a total of 100x and we get .00008874th of the atmosphere has peaked emissions, that's ALL EMISSIONS not just carbon dioxide. They probably include water vapor as an emission.

Water vapor often is on it's own an amount of 10,000% greater in quantity than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it is what causes change. Carbon ox ox does nothing.

Carbon dioxide comprises a mere .0004th of the atmosphere. As you can see by looking at the number above it is 4.6 times greater in quantity than all emissions combined.

Let's say that a different way, there is already .0004th of the entire atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide at any given time, this has been like this since before Jesus Christ birth and hundreds of thousands of years prior to that.

That in itself there naturally does NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING regarding atmospheric changes of cooling and heating, no blankets.

So then the emissions put in the air by man are even beyond infinitessimally small and does so much of nothing it's not even worth discussing ever in any public policy.

Look at that statement again, "California’s greenhouse gas emissions spiked in 2004 at 493 million metric tons, prompting state lawmakers to write and pass sweeping legislation."

That's for one year. Sounds like so much but again it's only .00008874th of the atmosphere has peaked emissions for one year.

And those emissions are all recyclable. We don't have to send them to China either, weather does this for us. Rain, sleet, snow, etc. brings it all back to Earth.

If only we could do that to our politicians who have lost their minds now with public health policy, driving wedges 6 feet wide between all humans to protect them from things that the air moves all over the place no matter what man does anti-socially.

It's all rather unsustainable and using up massive amounts of energy.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski