Tom Steyer a billionaire and US presidential candidate for 2020 election says things


update 2/11/2020 Tom promises to raise minimum wage to $22,000 per hour if you elect him as president, out promising Sanders and Warren, this man will say anything to sell you fake clean energy as he is dependent on your energy for his wealth


He's a climate alarmist extrordinaire. He's spent millions on ads trashing president Trump. Trump has thrown his climate agenda in the recycle bin. Who wouldn't be upset when it upends their energy $ flow. Agendas are not recyclable.

In the debate this week he stated:

"Let's go to the most important international problem that we're facing, which no one has brought up, which is climate" and "We can't solve the climate crisis in the United States by ourselves" and "It's an international crisis" and "I've been working on it for ten years, taking on the corporations. But we have to work with our allies and our frenemies around the world."

No one has brought up? ROFL. Taking on the corporations???? That's another laugh, this man is heavily invested in renewable energy. He makes his billions off of corporations that use your tax dollars to build disgusting wind farms. To claim he's taking on the corporations is a joke. Frenemies? ROFL.

It's amazing to watch people in the news like Rachel Maddow all their careers bash conservatives and corporations and oil companies while they put on pedestals Tom Steyer and others who are making gobs of fossil fuel energy based $ that YOU GIVE THEM IN YOUR TAXES AND ELECTRIC BILLS.

Do they not understand that climate does not change from carbon dioxide? Do they not understand that carbon dioxide blankets of air have no ability to change climate as this is AIR and is only .0004th of the atmosphere? How can they sleep at night with .0004th of their bodies covered in carbon dioxide air blankets?

They must simply not understand this. I cannot imagine that any of them would be purposely conning us. None of these expert$ and corporation fighters ever cons us.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski