The Tasmanian Devil is in the details of FAKE/CLEAN/ENERGY


1/2/2020 I saw a ROAD/SIGN showing and warning travelers that a Tasmanian Devil could be near by I guess so your tires could wear protection from fake rabies or something.

This is in Australia.

A little further down the road maybe there is a sign showing wind farms with a similar growling face as Austrailia boasts of many wind turbines 'to save the planet' that oddly cause more CO2 added to the atmosphere and cause chaos to their grid systems and tripled electricity costs as well as forming new blackouts that had not existed prior.

Wind farms devour energy more than they produce it.

Why are we building these?

They feed monsters who spend all the money you give them.

We should be exterminating these projects.

Are wind farms a protected species? If so why are we protecting such nasty critters?




copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

image by Peter Shanks, artwork by the Australian Government