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California central coast could have white colonist propeller "make & burn energy" project ruining views and oak trees.

Clean Coalition makes some bizarre statements:

Lewis with the Clean Coalition—which is a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the state's transition to renewable energy—said not only will this project more than double the amount of renewable energy produced in the county, but it'll also create a microgrid in the area, making Lompoc and North County more resilient.

BayWa has a purchasing agreement in place that allows Marin Clean Energy in the Bay Area to claim the renewable energy credits attached to this project, but all of the electricity produced will be used locally. With electricity providers throughout the state utilizing widespread power outrages to prevent transmission lines from causing wildfires, having a local energy source is important, Lewis said.

"What we’re seeing from public safety power shutoffs is that when there's a threat along a transmission line, they have to shut the whole line down and can't turn it back on until they do a whole inspection," Lewis said. "The good thing about the project is that the energy is local; it's a short transmission route."

Short transmission route means nothing, all wind projects are tied to the entire grid. No it will not make it more resilent, the more wind projects go on line the more less reslient it is they can even take down the grid as it makes the grid harder and harder to manage all that chaos, start, stop, start, add, subtract, divide, start, stop, it's like claiming it's easier to push a wheel barrel in the yard up hill, then stop, then push again, then stop, then push again, then stop than to get a fast running start, let inertia help you up the hill. Clean Green non-profits don't seem to understand physics very well.

The claim that only the local users would have this energy is a fallacy, lie, or dream state. There can be intent to use it locally but that is not likely as wind is chaotic and the reliable fossil fuel or nuclear sources cannot just be turned off and on when the wind blows. Thus there will be more standby power used to buffer the effects of the chaotic wind if built.

Maybe the wind farms in Palm Springs will burn up some of the Lompoc wind energy when that local community can't use it because it just can't shut down standby power, then when the wind stops, have to restart it, it's all chaos.

People there need to understand all these wind projects are based on push for solving something that man can do nothing about. This call for climate management is ludicrous. Carbon dioxide comprises .0004th of the atmosphere and is merely air. It is not a toxic gas. It's claimed to form a blanket and does no such thing. It is constantly subject to convection and the Earth is subject to the heat from Sun and cooling from frigid space, carbon does nothing.

.0004th of atmospheric air does nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Compare to worrying about a municipal budget that has a cost over run of $.0004.


Stop all these wasteful wind projects that are completely ruining landscapes everywhere now.



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