Crisis generators always get people to 'do something'



There is always a problem when we try to do something to handle a crisis without exactifying what actually needs to be done.

Hysteria can cone into play and overwhelming emotion, the kind that causes someone to kill themselves when they just cannot handle those emotions.

In the public sphere we sometimes 'do something' because of overwhelming emotions that can cause us harm while we give up a part of ourselves, our freedoms, our money, and our property because we just cannot stand to not 'do something' or we are so pressed by our peers to 'do something' we cannot deal with not jumping on the bandwagon lest we be shunned.

In the case of wind farms taking over the world we are now witnessing the overwhelming proliferation of these monstrosities mostly based on the illogical claims that there is a thing called 'global warming' which shifted to a more generalized term 'climate change' that if we don't 'do something' about it we will all suffer great calamity.

I have never seen such a rediculous push for something so absurd in my entire life but it's happening big time now so much so that all of the unhinged Democrats have adopted this strategy for attention but that is really what it mostly is all about, attention, and 2nd it's about getting your energy.

There is no climate change that will doom the planet, that is a fabrication, a lie, a huckster's sales pitch, and boy is it working. It got us to give up our green $ energy to feed it to many industrialst and Wall Street portfolios. It's odd that the Democrat party has pushed this as they are allways claiming Wall Street bad man while they all get rich too off of fossil fuels. That is why I can't vote for a single one of them they are all lost in the climate clouds now or they are hucksters that are scamming us.

Doing something to fix climate change is absurd. The blame of carbon dioxide is absurd. There is 10,000% more climate changing evaporated water air in the sky than CO2. THAT IS WHAT CAUSES CLIMATE CHANGE not carbon infused oxygenated air molecules.

Stop doing something. The planet is always cooling itself. There is no plastic wrap, bubble wrap, or green house GLASS, or any solid insulating material up there, nor are there blankets of anything solid up there, all there is up there is air which is always moving and getting cooled, oh and also water vapor which turns into what? Water, which absorbs heat and cold and cools and warms the Earth and cools the Earth as it has and as it will for billions of years. What we do here generating heat with our appliances, our cars, and industry is nothing.

If we were to do anything to fix this imaginary crisis of blankets of AIR that are claimed to trap heat yet cannot trap heat then we should all do our wash by hand, walk to work even though it's 25 miles, throw out all our dishwashers banning them commpletely, turn off all our computers made from plastic which comes from oil and not oil extracted from wind seeds, oh and #1 would be to stop prossing all foods, meaning no sugar, no processed flour unless it comes from one of the wind mills seen below that are disorienting like wind farms are when you drive past them, and absolutely no eating out at any restaurant which processes food and wastes energy. This effective way to solve 'climate change' would save so much heat we then could corral up all those carbon blankets in the sky and use them to stay warm at night as the change would be so much we would have another little ice age. 

For that matter if we stopped all crisis generators from their continued waste of energy we'd have enough to power 777 billion planet Earth's for 777 trillion years.


wind mills here are grinding grain the green way without the grid until the cows come home from their methane convention after farting in dark renewable energy pushers faces


copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski