Hutch Road in Chevelon Canyon Ranch AND Route 153 from Heber would be the roads traversed by large trucks hauling in massive wind turbine blades and trunks

There are sections that traverse over PRIVATE PROPERTY have they received permission? Most of the route going through Chevelon Canyon Ranch is designated road either by the county or the HOA there. Section 19 of Chevelon Acres is private land, there is no designated roads through there at all. There is a traversed section that is considered "a road" but it goes over about . To plan to use these for these massive trucks is questionable. I had asked Mr. Unrein of sPower back in August which roads were planned to be used only to be met with that they weren't decided on yet. Surely they must have had some idea if not exactly what roads would be used as there are only two main roads into that area. On the map it calls Hutch Road an alternate access road. I wonder how many times it would be used. Has this been decided which one would be used or are both? Contact Mr. Unrein and ask him.

Map showing roads that would be used to haul in massive wind turbine blades across Chevelon Canyon Ranch and Chevelon Acres over private lands