Consider that America has debt of 21 trillion dollars and is spending another billion on this Chevelon Butte thing that is not energy efficient and is basically a movie set presenting the illusion of clean energy.

I think we need to prioritize.

It is not fair to humanity to continually approve industrial projects that are not what they say they are and force taxpayers and rate payers into making it happen for these rich elitists all around the world who are profiting from these schemes.

This includes all political parties, governments, etc. they all are looking at money first.

Some are misled into believing that they are helping stop climate change but 1 part of CO2 per 2500 other parts of AIR does nothing, absolutely nothing to climate so it's like we are erecting these systems on wet cement pads that all this is founded on, but later find out it is really just quicksand, or maybe more like a moving train that gets held up by bandits.

Save Chevelon Canyon.