sPower's Seneca Wind is going the way of the dodo for now they have pulled out a 2nd time



Ohio government is much more receptive to the cries by rural folk to not allow wind turbine skyscraper cities to be suddenly built there in farm lands.

Why is it that the ranch lands in Arizona are not equally as well heard? Is government there owned by certain rich land owners? Where was Jason Whiting HE WAS COMPLETELY MISSING IN ACTION he had nothing on his Facebook page and did not respond to 4 email inquiries and whistle blowing by me. HE DID NOT EVEN SHOW UP TO VOTE leaving the vote to 4 Navajo County jurisdictions that will not even ever see this project.


This is the area where fire chief Nate Blazer made public comment about how the entire wind farm would be a no fly zone not allowing any emergency aircraft in thus in any emergency in a swath here at Chevelon Butte an approximate 7 mile x 7 mile zone would be only accessible by land vehicles and millenial super heroes that think they are saving the planet with puke green fake clean energy.

Ohio is a winner!!!



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