today's date is always found on calendars The efforts to mitigate sound on turbines uses up energy


4/20/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

The project in Florida has residents receiving proposals as to how to mitigate the problems with shadow flicker and sound in already installed turbine.

It appears in reading about this particluar case that there are ways to help reduce noise by installing certain systems but this cuts down the power made by the turbines.

Here is a snipped from the article by Randy Paulson found at (also archived at and at

Abadie requested the company communicate with her via e-mail going forward, since she reported hearing conflicting information from a representative she spoke with on the phone. For example, she said the company previously suggested throttling down the turbines as a way of reducing noise. However, the person on the phone told her that was not an option. "It’s simple in theory; it's difficult to execute on," Bryce said. "It is something that, absolute worst-case scenario, that we could go out there and have to manually install software on those turbines to operate in certain procedures at certain times given certain weather conditions. It's a very, very labor-intensive, difficult algorithm to develop and it’s turbine specific." He also said the turbines would generate less electricity for the grid it powers, which is another reason the company prefers to offer other mitigation options.

Adding this to the mix of flaws in these systems, it appears there are so many CATCH-22's how can it not be insane to go any further with any more subsidies for wind and solar farms especially at a time where the world economy has just collapsed into a black hole due to the imaginary threat of interpretations of things smaller than Godzilla by about one hundred thousand million trillion dillion times and which cannot even be seen by any optical source anywhere in the universe?



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