Environ MENTALists ignore the US Fish & Wildlife



Today is Ground Hog Day. He didn't come out of his hole as he was too afraid of all the environmentalists that came out of their holes pushing for more wind farms to destroy all his friends homes figuring his might be next.

He overheard a conversation,

"John Austin, director of the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife, reiterated that leaders at the department believe the project never should have happened." Catherine Gjessing, general counsel for the Department of Fish & Wildlife & representatives of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department said the 30-megawatt, 15-turbine Deerfield Wind Farm on Green Mountain National Forest land has affected the habitat of black bears in that region.

Bears are never consulted by green energy freaks that are too busy either brainwashing their members of their cult as former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg does with his TV ads or are too busy managing all the money they make with pushing fake clean energy using your energy.

The majority of people don't want this dirty wind energy crap and plastic solar glare panels to be built anywhere near them which leaves the only option for where they should be sited is on the Sun.

Imagine all the energy they would produce there. Turbines would be spinning at 8 million times the speed, so much more efficient. We could wirelessly harness the energy sending it like 5G direct to our phones, appliances, etc. all we have to do is use trillions more of your energy to study these new technologies that will use up every last drop of oil we have on Earth, leaving in the end only wild life that never plugged anything in ever.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife is currently seeking public input on proposed rule regarding migrant birds. that are "intentionally" harmed. This should apply to wind farms that harm birds as as to not do so would be like saying anyone could go to a crowded venue and spin around in circles with a large propeller overhead and it would be permissible as their "intention" was to promote wind farms to "save the planet" and not to "intentionally" harm anyone as ambulanced were filmed arriving and we all sit like goons watching it all on TV and notice it was at the last place on earth that has screne landscapes free of wind energy bullshit.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski