Something is in the air swirling about cannibis farms and wind farms



Strauss Wind energy turbine project that would chop down old oak trees and ruin views on a ridgeline in what has been unspoiled for thousands of years.

There has been massive opposition but as these things go this is California which is run by liberals so by a narrow margin the vote was approved and appeals denied. It's very sad.

Santa Barbara County Fifth District Commissioner Dan Blough said, "Basically wind turbines are ugly". reference archived page here

What's very interesting is finding out that this commissioner also is involved in regulating those odor problems caused by marijuana farms and in part of the discussion he had one day on that topic it was mentioned that these farms can control odor using carbon filters.

Ding! Carbon filter blankets in the sky!

Carbon dioxide in the air is nature's atmospheric filter of marijuana odor and other odors.

These filters are rather small as carbon dioxide is tiny and there's only one particle per 2,499 other particles of non-carbon filter air.

Think about that.



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