The transportation board of directors declared a climate emergency



Santa Clara Valley Transportaion Authority declared like kings and queens that there is an emergency with weather.

They are proud this is a first of it's kind declaration by such an agency. ROFL.

Oh of course I will immediately be corrected by the climate culters to correct my use of the word weather to describe climate and as I insist on using the word weather to refer to climate as they are interchangable, they will then yell at me like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren always do to make me understand that weather and climate are not the same even though they are the same and that if I don't vote for them I will die of weather change. I suppose that could happen in a hurricane but I stay clear of their category 5 bullshit so I should be fine.

And of course that will lead to an endless debate using up all the energy in the room next to the elephant that is laughing his ass off.

You can read their declaration here. It's all over the climate now making carbon headlines everywhere.

As stated in their promise to declare they will "Support legislative efforts to avert climate change by federal, state, regional, and local entities, and join with stakeholders to reduce GHG emissions in the transportation sector."

Stakeholders are generally those involved in making money off all this which means a lot more carbon fuels burned so that they can figure out how to stop carbon from being used.

"Human activities, particularly the use of fossil fuels, have accelerated the generation of greenhouse gases (GHG) beyond natural levels. The 2018 California GHG Emission Inventory estimated that a total of 429.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) were emitted in California in 2016. The transportation sector was the largest contributor of GHG, accounting for 41% of total emissions. Catastrophic effects of climate change have been seen in California and around the world, from record-breaking temperatures to devastating fires in the Amazon and Australia. Recognizing the urgency to act now, over 1,300 local governments in 25 countries have declared a climate emergency, including the County of Santa Clara and the cities of Cupertino and San Jose, in which the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) serves."

Wildfires are not caused by climate change, they are caused by fuel, spark, and oxygen. Weather change which is the same as climate change because they are the same does cause the grass and brush to dry out thus making fuel like it has for billions of years this is nothing new and it is disingenuous to make claims that carbon in the air caused such events to be any different. What is different though is environmentalism that has stopped clearing of these debris fields which then burn stronger when naturally occurring wild fires do occur.

As is standard with these fear mongering declarations that come from authors, promises to declare things that are not based on sound principles of physics, they claim there are tonnes and tonnes of carbon blocks overhead that sit up there in the sky that could fall on us and already it's causing them to say the sky is falling the sky is falling, and these blocks of coal are going to block the sun from, wait, if there's more carbon in the air that's exactly what would happen, less radiation, thus, global cooling. Doh.

Authorities could care less though, they have products to sell, computers especially, Santa Clara is computer silicon central and they are very very very very rich off all their carbon based products that run the world. They make gobs of money off software, devices, all of that which depends on fossil fuels to make all the plastic, so that we can work hard at making sure all coal stays in the ground in the next ten years, that we become 100% dependent on wind and solar which are also made of plastic, and thus as we become independent on fossil fuels to burn for energy as we will make plastic using flour and water and we will leave all fossil fuels in the ground and save the world from fossil fuels that make plastic.

Their logic is non-existent except that it declares that more study is needed, thus the use of more fossil fuels to run everything still, as I am sure they will not be doing this based on when the wind blows or their hot air blows as all these declarations of a climate emergency blow more hot air dried bullshit.

People should always keep in mind these RESOLUTIONS are merely resolutions. They are New Year's Resolutions. In this case it is specifically labeled a "Resolution To Declare A Climate Emergency". Thus, it is a promise to declare the emergency. As with many promises we will have to wait and see if they ever actually declare the emergency. All they did was promise to do it.

Inspired by their attention getting promise they may never keep, I now promise to vacuum their offices of carbon dioxide someday if I ever I was invited to speak to anyone there about how carbon dioxide is a mere 1 tiny particle amongst 2,499 other tiny particles and that as I am vacuuming up all those 2,499 particles will also mention I am helping to stop climate change and that I will make a resolution to promise to declare a climate emergency someday that will inform the public of how authorities are playing games with particles that don't matter, that don't form blankets that trap heat, as I am generating a lot of heat with that vacuum motor that causes climate change a lot more than that one particle of carbon I just cleaned up. 



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