Solar Eclipsed: Renewable Energy Investors Fret as Share Price Plummets

I really appreciate the work you have put into informing the good people of the world on the problems with wind. The industrialist sellers of this inefficient technology and the pushers of climate doom never present how these methodologies are all consuming more energy and generating more heat. I thought heat was the problem. Oh that's right, it's carbon blankets trapping heat. I have asked these climate doom pushers to send me carbon dioxide blankets so I can donate them to the poor for them to stay warm this upcoming winter and to send me one so I can save energy on buying real blankets that actually trap heat. Air does not trap heat. Air is subject to convection thus heat and cold is constantly intermixed and ever varied. I still have not received even one carbon blanket from these climate cons. Blankets of air all are subject to convection 24/7. The do not trap heat when there is movement. Heat from sun and frigid cold from space are constant massive forces in warming cooling the planet as warm air rises, cool air falls, causing regular movement of air. Carbon dioxide does not get stuck in the sky forming a blanket that traps heat, it only gets stuck in the minds of those who are being conned. These unreliable energy projects all consume massive amounts of money. Money is energy and taxation is consuming energy. These wind and solar projects all rely 100% on fossil fuels and are constantly drawing energy from the grid and it's reliable fossil fuel sources being burned for energy, so to tell people that going to 100% renewable is going to save the planet from getting too warm is absurd. I am reading your articles in learning as much as possible about wind energy as I inform regarding a proposed wind farm at Chevelon Butte in Arizona. If they forge through and ignore residents concerns as often is the case they want electricity brought in to these rural areas, as they will be connecting their wind energy directly to the high power lines above that people there see but can't access. They want roads paved with tar that comes from steel production all based on fossil fuels unless they can have the new 100% dependent on fossil fuel windmills grind up the stone and create some new clean energy product made of other hot air. Infrastructure should include a bridge over Chevelon Canyon so building there would be more attractive and would save energy by efficiently driving to civilization and large retail outlets in Winslow home of the infamous Route 66 which I am sure would never suffer the blight created by the massive 48 square mile project proposed 25 miles from there far enough to not be seen except for those flashing red lights all night long that will utterly destroy the pristine night sky there at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest it will hug as it massacres birds and bats all night long. Preferably the Chevelon Butte wind project not be built at all and the energy that would have been used for it instead be put into bring reliable energy there and roads and bridges all of which save energy.


copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski