Renewables get DOUBLE the subsidy than oil, gas, nuclear



Many times we hear the cry that it's just not fair to subsidize only oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear while allowing the renewable energies like wind and solar to end.

We just heard this from of all places the Sierra Club that receives massive amounts of free flowing energy into their trust fund portfolios because of that very thing, fossil fuels.

So we read how Jeff Tittle "accuses the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of making a 'shameful giveaway' to oil, coal and gas interests to the detriment of all others" as The Express Times article points out and goes on to point out that renewables get a free ride on the grid and that our current amounts pumped into it (which often get unused or dumped onto wind farms to be burned up) are minimal but that with additional amounts added they cause grid collapse.

Since it all takes a lot of energy to maintain grid function, wires, towers, maintenance, on and on, all based on fossil fuel energy and not breezes and sunshine, and these are costs that are not paid for by the wind industry, they are getting more subsidies than are promoted.

Wind energy to electricity goes as far back as 1888. It never really caught on as they wasted energy then and they waste energy now. They do not provide a net positive.

We are using up more energy with these renewable systems and we are all paying for this increase in energy use.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski