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6/2/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

Why is it that the wealthier areas don't get wind?

In reading the article on about how the rich areas who have the money to fight big wind are picked more rarely when it comes to choosing siting it mentioned that wind farms as plantations.

I never thought of them this way. I think this is how they should be called from now on as the term plantations is like the old Southern States cotton fields and master's plantations that contained slaves and most of us slave to pay our taxes and electric bills that create and maintain these plantations.

When we looked at plantations or images we see of them from the past we often see the idyllic beautifully landscaped trees, shrubs, flowers surrounding an estate. We don't see the slaves working in the fields. Well sometimes we do.

Wind energy tends to present us these idyllic images of wind farming being champions of the sky harnessing energy from nothing, like planting seeds the farmer, the Earth, the Sun, the rain, and the air all make it grow, but the real picture is one of slavery serving few masters.

There are those who look at wind turbines and see beauty as when they drive up to them they view what they have been presented in fantastical imagery on television, movies, commercials, children's story books, etc, but these do not present the slaving behind the illusions of grandeur that goes into supporting these structures.

Not in the sense of course as was in days before slavery was officially ended but in another form that is in some ways worse.

We become slaves to our energy bills and who controls those, the masters. We have to work harder to pay those ever increasing bills, ever increasing taxes, then collapses of economies that rip what we have away from us, never receiving that "free energy" that is often promised more and more wind turbines are said would provide over time.

It's been over 50 years in California and the wind farms have dominated many beautiful landscapes making them into plantations, yet the masters are the ones that keep getting free energy flowing into their portfolios, not the slaves.

And today we are being held hostage like we haven't seen ever with the fake threat of things unseen in the new war on the invisible that are being hyped up like never before, being used to get more of our energy.

Consider the project in Western New York, a state that is forcing itself on rural areas "to meet it's renewable energy goals",  

"The Cassadaga project was approved by the New York Public Service Commission in 2018 with only a passing mention of the fact that the electricity it produces will not be credited to New York’s renewable-energy goals. Instead, it will be counted toward the goals set by Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. According to the American Wind Energy Association, no wind projects are being built in any of those three states. Nor are any being built in New Hampshire, or Vermont, the home state of all-renewable-energy advocate and US senator, Bernie Sanders." - Credit:  By Robert Bryce | RealClear Energy | June 01, 2020 |

How is it that we got conned into believing that we are benefitting from these things? It's becoming ever so apparent that it's the plantation owners that are getting all the benefit.

To read that they are not even contributing to a state's energy goals is shocking.

It doesn't stop there, the energy created will serve local areas but the credits will serve other states in New England. What? Yes that is how it's set up. There are no transmission lines that can bring it to New England but they will use the energy credits to meet their energy goals, not that of New York's.

And another point to make about these lofty promises of meeting renewable energy goals should be looked at, when they make claims like "by 2050 all of our energy produced will be clean energy and carbon free" they tout wind plantations as a huge part of that. Never mind it's impossible goal, if today in 2020 these places all installed their total needs for that to be met, well, by 2050, 30 years from now, all of their wind plantation turbines will be broken and obsolete, require massive amounts of energy to be replaced. If the turbines on the plantation last only 10 years as in the case of Steel Winds at Lake Erie in Lackawanna at the southern edge of the City of Buffalo, the replacements would have to be every 10 years, so by 2050 they would be replacing them for the 4th time. Cars last even longer without replacement!

One might compare the claims made by wind plantation enthusiasts saying we will be carbon free in a few decades to an auto industry that would claim we would be horse free in a few decades. In both cases it's impossible and not even remotely needed and in looking at it we might notice how few horses roam free anymore in our "free" country that in 2020 shut everyone in their homes unfreely.

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