Electric is a perishible



It has to be used when it's made. With reliable efficient coal, nuclear, gas, and insulating carbon dioxide air we can make a front door out of instead of wood so that we can use those trees instead to make throw away one use paper bags, these energies can be regulated in their supply based on the times of load increases and decreases made by the public.

The green crowd has this in reverse to save the planet from nothing, they insist on covering the entire world in chaotic energy of wind and solar. They insist on forcing onto the grid the chaos and making it figure out how to deal with the chaos.

This is like mandating all cars be sputtering unreliable ones with bad engines on all highways and expecting to get to work on time with the chaos that ensues. It gets so bad that the reliable cars get tired of the stuck sputterers and tow trucks everywhere they leave their reliable gas engine car there and walk the rest of the way. Here's an example of a scientist's wacky claiims,

In English: “Storm and lots of wind are again causing negative stock market electricity prices. This is a clear sign that coal-fired and nuclear power plants are too inflexible and are not suitable as back-up for renewable energies. We therefore need a faster #coal exit. #FridaysForFuture #Scientists4Future.”


"A logical train of thought actually would have been to realize that highly volatile power sources such as wind and the simultaneous provision of base load are difficult to reconcile."

But logic and reason do not fly in many areas of science. People think "science" is "scientific" and not subject to interpretation and they are so far out there on that one, while out there have them confirm whether Pluto is a rock or a planet or a rock or a planet or a rock or what is the so called "consensus" now where no one totally agrees it's just who has the most marketing pull to decide what the fake consensus is.

So what happens when these greenies get into positions of authority is they wreck the grids and double the infrastructure to help handle the chaos, it's like insisting on building double the freeways to handle all the sputtering that was mandated to save the world from fossil fuels which of course means new tar roads made of massive amounts of carbon, and everything that builds all the added infrastructure uses fossil fuels, and these cultists continue to claim they are saving the universe.

I think they all watched too many super hero movies growing up.



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