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A wind farm in Australia touts how much power it makes

It's not enough to do very much.

The 52 turbines make 380,000 mwh per year. That is 1,041 mwh per day from all 52 turbines.

Each turbine then makes 20 mwh per day. That is 20,000 mega watt hours per day.

That's 833 mega watt hours per hour or 833,000,000 watt hours per hour from each turbine.

A mega watt hour is 1,000,000 watts in a one hour time frame.

One turbine then can be stated to make enough power to heat 19,523 homes for 24 hours using a hair dryer.

Or you could use the hair dryer to heat all those homes for 12 hours and have the TV, computer, lights, and other devices on for 12 hours.

Since they tout having 52 turbines at this project, it will power 1,015,196 home hair dryer heaters for 12 hours and the TV's and other devices for 12 hours.

If we want to power most of the country of Australia which has a population of 25 million and say there are 12 million households, we would have to have 624 turbines producing enough electricity to power all the country's homes with hair dryer heating for 1/2 the day. If anything like the Chevelon Canyon project in Arizona south of Winslow this would cover about 176 square miles.

There is planned about 170 turbines at Chevelon Canyon in Arizona south of Winslow so Arizonans can look forward to about 1.666 million households there receiving enough electricity from the project to power box fans to cool them in the summer (not air conditioning) and one hair dryer to warm their home in winter, while they can keep their TV, computers, and lights on much of the day and evening, that is, if the power produced by chaotic wind thrown into the grids like a spoild tantrum, isn't just simply burned up and dumped off the grid as there are no buyers often times for such power, or maybe it will be sold to Los Angeles and Southern California Edison at discounts, of which differences rate and tax payers absorb.

Maybe public utilities will help us through this by advertising how we can save energy so that we can run our 1875 watt hair dryers longer to heat our homes 10 extra minutes and how we can insulate our homes with energy efficient carbon dioxide and create doors and windows made entirely of heat trapping carbon dioxide AIR.

Seems reality would state though that we can forget heating the home at all with wind power produced by all this costly energy transfer of hot air as carbon dioxide AIR does not insulate, it will cool rapidly and only covers the minds with blankets of illusions.

And with turbines harnessing the wind producing enough electricity to heat our homes using a hair dryer for 11.666 hours along with providing enough electricity for the TV and some other devices like computers to run, devices that help us both be had and sometimes teach us through the school of hard knocks, we can start to figure this stuff out so we can stop this waste and transfer of our energy caused by renewable theatre, that is unless we get distracted by another snake oil project but there's no grandeur one than these energy transfer systems to keep our attention on the weather.



In Lompoc north of Santa Barbara they approved a fart, sorry farm, with 29 turbines to go in spoiling ridgelines in the hills and ripping out old oak trees with yellow ribbons missing, with this claim "The wind farm would produce 98 megawatts, or enough energy to power 43,000 homes, and would generate tax revenue of $40 million for county coffers over 30 years. Some 150 construction jobs will be created and up to seven employees would be needed once it’s operating." That quote leaves out watt HOURS.

The farm in Australia was said to make with 52 turbines 380,000 mwh per year or 20 mwh per day.

The fact that these statements often leave out watt HOURS adds to more confusion and with confusion comes more desire to grasp onto something that makes sense, thus, often the public will not make wise decisions on these things, or should I say the public's politicians as most of the public want all these projects to end as renewables are an inefficient use of energy.

And what happens when we can't buy carbon credits anymore to so called "offset" carbon? Being that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to ABSOLUTE ZERO (not this marketing term 'net zero') will we get them from Pluto which SCIENTIFICALLY has been deemed no longer a planet, deemed a planet, deemed no longer a planet, deemed a planet, then deemed again no longer a planet? Science is not absolute either in so many things that have multiple variables and wind and solar dirty clean energy that adds more heat into the atmosphere anyway is so chaotic it's like asking a spoild teenager that is a drug addict to run the airport control tower.

"But we are being told that we need all countries to hit net zero by 2050 to save the planet. Who are we going to buy carbon emissions from if all other countries have stopped emitting too? We can’t buy carbon credits from Mars."

Like with Navajo Tribe energy company that is taking over the coal in their region of Arizona "The proposed Collinsville power station is backed by an indigenous-led company, Shine Energy. This company is run by proud members of the Birri nation. They want to build a coal-fired power station on their land so they can enjoy good-paying jobs on their own country."

COAL IS BEING SHIFTED TO INDIGINOUS PEOPLES while Wall Street investors work with them to also profit, leaving others to lose.

Why are we not being told this????



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