NY will add 73 cents to electric bills to cover extra cost of wind farming



Article on this found here explains the details.

My thoughts.

Is it fair to add fee to your electric bills to see movie sets be erected nearby? I don't think so. I have determined that wind farms are mostly an illusion like movies, they are real like actors and sets but they are not real life, they are a production, a story sold to you to enetertain or move you. I think this is basically what's playing these daze as we have watched wind farming take over Earth like a plague.

 NOW PLAYING, "Ocassionally Spinning Wind Sticks" and "Propellers That Make Energy That Never Powers Those 7 Million Homes and Typically Provides that 16 Jigawatts Through Flux Incapacitation".

I believe what we have here is a scam that has been going on in every area of industrialized world for a hundred 50 years now crafted beautifully to have you allow more of your energy to be transferred out of your home. What ever happened to that old Bugs Bunny cartoon that showed how industrialization drives the cost of products down? It plays on the Henry Ford assembly plant idea that "revolutionized" car making thus driving costs and the price of cars down so they were available to the masses. Why exactly is this not happening with electricity? There is something wrong with this projector.

We can point to wind farming for one as they are net losses. This has been this way forever in large scale power generation by wind. There is no way around this they waste and use more energy than they provide. Everyone knows this. Physics knows this better than anyone.

The movie that's playing is the fantasy like in children's fairy tales. Telling us to believe in something that does not exist, in this case it's clean pure natural Holy spring top of the mountain water energy blessed by God and Mother Nature coming to you with spinning beautiful pinwheels placed in gorgeous farms and hills like watching Julie Andrews singing that the hills are alive with the sound of clean energy. We are presented this fantasy constantly. Officials in government even present this in their websites how gorgeous and clean these things are, but they are dirty energy.

It's a lovely film to see but it's one you are paying extra for and only being entertained. Problem is though even though it can be entertaining to drive past these things and be wowed as much as visiting Universal Studios Tour we must understand that what we are doing is not using our energy for better uses. If everyone in NY is being charged another $1 per month that is $12 per year and $360 per 30 years. The entire state has 19 million people. Over 30 years that $1 per month comes out to a whopping 6 billion 840 thousand dollars. That could buy 68,400 homes for $100,000 each. Let's go with $200,000 that would provide enough homes to power weather protection 136,800 people if we put families of 4 in each for that $1 a month just in New York State. Homeless problem solved, redirect that to fix real problems that would SAVE ENERGY instead of having it going to the industrialist portfolios around the world which gives the rich many homes and many cars and many dirty energy things that use 360 times the energy most of us do and powers fake climate change and anger change as seen on TV.

I drove by the ones in Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs again today. The wind was blowing quite well making the car shift back and forth a bit on Route 62 which is only the number 4 short of 66.

A number of the very large wind propellers were perfectly still not moving an inch while the smaller ones were rotating nicely. This is because the larger ones cannot handle going over a certain speed or they become unstable and can explode. They use power from the grid to brake them. No there is no man up there using clean foot pedal power to brake it or a cage of hamsters which in this political overboard climate would be considered abuse, it uses dirty energy from the grid to power the brakes.

No one tells you this. No poofy commercial presents this fact. They don't even tell you that they routinely use power this way from the grid constantly.

I asked that question and got a statement from one of these companies representatives simply saying in broad general terms that they only use minimal power. I would like to know exactly how much is used, they won't tell me. Gee I wonder why. That extra $1 a month goes a long way when your collection plate is being passed around to the entire New York State congregation led by climate change pushers and preachers. It is better to give they keep telling you as they receive.

Special note: California is now a "sometimes the power is on" state besides being a "sanctuary" state. We get the power shut off now since the Paradise fire burned an entire mountain town down to the ground and lawyers and politicians had a feast on what was left to sort out. In viewing one of the areas in Southern California served by Edison near where I live it oddly showed a shut off zone that is exactly where a lot of wind farms lie in Desert Hot Springs. Now pay attention here as you will not see this playing in the movies they produce, we have been told wind energy will save us, but now when the wind is blowing they are shutting down the grid, hello, that means wind pinwheels will spin and like a child's pinwheel which is not connected to the grid, these are not connected to the grid and are merely spinning. But if the power it off for them, how do they brake them so they don't spin out of control? I do not know. Is there back up power? Do they send a man up there to put on the brakes? Enquiring minds want to know but more imporatantly this new California wacky shut off the grid system when it's windy which is the best time to produce wind energy is no longer a movie, it's stand up spinning comedy and becoming very funny to watch. Now as I drive by these things I sometimes giggle. Pretty soon I may start ROFL.



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