Some quotes from some news articles and other sources worthy of reading.



Supposedly a Jeep Wrangler was introduced using 100% battery power. I though this had to be an error. When you look at their official website you see it's not yet on the market, projected for 2024 so there is no guarantee it will ever arrive. It's basically A CONCEPT TRUCK for now. I don't see much of a market for a WEAK battery powered Jeep Wrangler that's as big as they are now, the batteries would have to be massive, like carrying a load of 9 fat people with you everywhere around town which is about the best I think it would be able to do. Maybe if they make it with balsa wood to make it light as a kite. We will see. Electric power is over-rated. Electric power actually wastes energy in many applications. In some it provides great convenience so it fits, but the simplest example is a home heated purely by electric, it uses so much of your green dollar energy, gas powered is much more efficient. Consider that much of the electricity today is being made by the burning of natural gas. It's more efficient to heat a stove, oven, clothes dryer, and home with gas than electric.


"Without large-scale ways to back-up solar energy, California has had to block electricity coming from solar farms when it’s extremely sunny, or pay neighbouring states to take it from us so we can avoid blowing-out our grid…"

"Anticipating coal’s troubles, Mr. Christensen, a Republican, in 2017 backed a quarter-cent countywide sales tax to raise revenue. The proposal was rejected by voters." This article is at the WSJ online and talks about the Eagle Butte mine. There are closures of coal mines in Arizona that are causing drop in county revenue. That means MORE ENERGY is needed from taxpayers energy flowing checkbooks to make up for the losses, or just cut services like public safety.

Regarded as unloseable for Shorten, what was pitched as the climate change election, was duly lost. Australian’s love of jobs, prosperity and wealth managed to trump their purported desire to carpet the Country in more windmills and solar panels. This was on making mention that ecoenergy zealotous politicians are being all thrown out as the public sees need for efficient energy sources that provide prosperity and not a metropolis of wind stick spinning pacifiers that are energy sucking.

Michael Shellenberger should have been California governor in 2018. He believes in nuclear power for a stable efficient grid. He is not a fan of fossil fuels though. In 2017, Shellenberger told The Australian: "Like most people, I started out pretty anti-nuclear. I changed my mind as I realised you can't power a modern economy on solar and wind... All they do is make the electricity system chaotic and provide greenwash for fossil fuels."[55]



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