Rail Tie wind project in Albany County denied by Wyoming - Peat slide risk in Scotland as wind energy changes landscape ignoring looming environmental disaster could flood homes below  - Wind project on BLM land at Whitewater near Palm Springs has unfortunately been approved - Wind farms cause homelessness to thrive while adding more carbon dioxide emmissions read how - New project could apper on drive to Grand Canyon when is this destruction of scenery going to end - protectourlanducia.org presents some videos on how shadow flicker looks inside a home - Germany has 30,000 wind turbine towers and plans to destroy idyllic forests to plant more solar roofs to 'save the planet' that are made of plastic based on oil? - the planet savers plan more biogas energy which BURNS wood chips which then makes electricity to power motors that heat up all of which CAUSES CLIMATE CHANGE that the universe and Mother Nature deals with in a panic like it's a speck of dust landing on dirt - bird brains are killing the planet - Horse Heaven wind project in Washington state Tri-Cities needs to be scrapped - why do electric bills always go up? - French court declares wind turbines danger to environment orders them removed - In 1980 Southern California desert only one turbine was there see the video showing San Jacinto mountains at Palm Springs completely void of turbines - "hydrogen made via electrolysis costs about three times as much as steam reforming, which itself is triple the cost of gas"



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