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6/20/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

I learned that wind energy systems with those tall propellers scraping the sky were USERS OF POWER many years back but I didn't really understand how bad the situation was until now. It apears they cause both additional CO2 emissions due to stand by power AND more use of fossil fuels.  I have already reported many places here on why carbon dioxide gas is not a problem on Earth except in the world of fantasy in the imagination so it behooves us to look over this fantastic analysis by C. le Pair presenting why wind turbines cause an increase in fossil fuel consumption and increase in CO2 emissions.

The author reports this key point, that "Windmills are a net consumer of electricity when the wind is less than about 10 MPH".

There is a chart in the report that shows the gradual curve of full energy produced as to what they can produce as the wind gets stronger. That also presents the fact that they are inefficient sources of energy. We are told they are "renewable" but they still rely on fossil fuels and earth minerals.

If we think for a moment on all the wild claims that are made about renewables it's a lot like promises of perpetual motion.

It's past time to see 20/20 how important it is to sunset the installation of energy wasting systems that will always be a net consumer of energy in stark contradiction of their claims.

We must have a new goal to end installations and to remove all wind turbine blight everywhere on Earth by 2050 as a way to save energy.



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