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Mega watts but how many mega hours?

January 3, 2017

Articles and advertisements about wind farms tout how many mega watts they can produce.

A mega watt is 1 million watts. To put this in perspective, a 2 slice toaster uses 1000 watts.

So a one mega watt wind farm can power 1,000 toasters.

Whoopee. But for how long? The value called "megawatt" has no time associated with it. Reports that are high on pushing wind power never tell you about that time factor. They make these wild inferences that wind energy will save the planet. From what?

The London Array is currently the world's largest off shore wind power making device creating 630 megawatts of power. That's 630,000 toasters!

But for how long?

The city of New York has 8 million people. There is say 1 toaster per household of 5. So there's about 1.6 million toasters there. This wind farm only supplies enough power for 630,000 toasters. Again, but for how long?

When the wind blows.

So you have to wait for the wind to make toast. That will make you late for work.

Of course that's not how the grid system works where the power is pumped into it, but the point is, that with all the grand dios claims of wind power generation saving the planet, a little math goes a long way in understanding that those claims are hype. Wind is not always blowing. These contraptions have to draw power in from the grid to power the blades each day when there is no wind or they seize. They have to do this to keep them lubricated. We

Yes, wind power uses power.

We depend on natural gas, coal, and oil to power 99% of everything. To think that wind will replace that is believing in unicorns showing up at the legal marijuana store in Desert Hot Springs which is becoming a major cultivation hub.

And look what those farms are doing to our planet! Making drives with beautiful countryside and oceans and lakes look disgusting. The entrance to Palm Springs has been destroyed for decades with these awful things.

I look forward to the day these monstrosities are toast.



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