Marketing efficiently so that you get other's energy



The push is on and has been for 2 decades now to go all in with wind and solar. It's destroying the planet but never mind that, it will save the planet from man they tell us.

Now the push is going all electric. They use presentations that leave out a lot of details which is where the Devil is always found smoking a cigar with his sex slave while the Green Energy Puritans look the other way.

Take a look at these two pages from the US Department of Energy about making better buildings.

The first image shows the ancient days of energy in 1990 when Frasier and Cheers were popular television (today they are relegated to the bing zone). Of course what would pushing wind and solar be without showing smoke stacks spewing out toxic air that plants use as their oxygen. I'm surprised they didn't do what most medias do with these images, make them more orange and gray dreary. Note they say "wind and solar were not viable economic resources". THAT is because in 1985 the subsidies were ended.

Then instead of filling us in with more Detail we jump to 2019 with the absurdly deceitful lie that wind and solar only costs 3 cents per kilo watt hour. This is ONLY because wind and solar are subsidized again like they were prior to 1985. The fact is there is also market price manipulation going on as well that drives that cost down, but WE PAY FOR IT in other ways. The facts are that wind and solar COST MORE.

Then we have to wonder about this retarded lie as if we can't do simple math. It claims there is 22 pounds of carbon dioxide emitted for each gallon of heating oil. This impossible. A gallon of heating oil does not even weight that much.

The bastardization of carbon dioxide is a sales pitch to get your energy. It's a recyclable product. Goes in the air, comes back down, feeds the ground and all it's microorganisms, feeds plants, it doesn't get stuck in the atmosphere. It only gets stuck in heads.

The word emissions is also bastardized. You emit carbon dioxide all day long. Next up they will try to sell you carbon dioxide masks, even make them mandatory. Anything to make a million bucks. The presentation also includes using sound waves to shake water out of clothes. Good luck with that.

Then it goes into the reimagine zone. This is another marketing ploy. They don't tell you how many times these electrify everything concepts have already been done and have been failures. Electrifying an entire building is not efficient and is more costly. That extra cost alone of heating only with electric should tell anyone how inefficient they are as money is energy. Also notice all these agencies use energy, yours.

Here's another fun one, they leave out solar and wind and just say electricity.

Oh this one is especially deceitful as it makes it appear as less energy is used overall by 2050 and that most of it would be electric, but electric is not made by itself where as the fossil fuels mostly are they are just extracted with little processing providing ample return for the energy used, and much of this electric is made from fossil fuels used  to efficiently and reliably generate it. All these hucksters never want to explain this to you about how more fossil fuels are used to make electricity even when wind and solar are added as those renewables are chaotic and cause need for 2ndary stable sources to be available to smooth out the chaos.

Here's another fun one to look at, Sacramento Municipal Utility District claims 50% carbon free electricity. I think this is misleading. There is no way this is even remotely possible.

SMUD also plans to make carbon go to another planet or maybe they would say like Buffalo Sierra Club member claimed of keeping all carbon in the ground which is an absolute impossibly fantasy as well as completely unnecessary but these illusionist magicians will do what it takes to convince you and rob you of your energy in tax schemes.

We are told we have to redefine.

We are told a clean energy revolution is bogus, there is only a clean electricity revolution but this is going in circles like the proliferation of propeller energy that makes wind as well as making harmonics that can't be used by the grid. Notice the destruction of the gorgeous landscape in California with wind farms. Solar also ruins landscapes.

What in the world is programmatic carbon now? ROFL. There's always a new pitch.

And don't forget how they use your $ energy made from reliable fossil efficient fuels to give incentives to switch to inefficient electricity.


copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

images are in the public domain as provided by US government