Logan County in liberal Colorado where green goo energy mania runs wild along with legal pot smoking will not allow used wind propellers made of plastics to be dumped on them any more, they say there's not enough trash to bury them!



They would remain exposed to the elements.

Here's a great liberal solution, create more trash there so they can be covered with more clean green renewable energy toxic plastics.

Of special note on the TOXICITY OF WIND FARMS as stated by Journal - Advocate a local paper there, "Board Chairman Joe McBride asked whether a chipper at the landfill could be used to grind up the blades. Chrisp said the chipper would handle the blades but there is the danger of toxic particles from the blades getting into the air."

Seems these blades are exposed when we see them spinning or just sitting doing nothing.

As with everything INDUSTRIAL based more energy is used to deal with all the problems these "fixes" create.

There is NO PROBLEM WITH THE EARTH RELEASING HEAT so why are we doing this to our planet?

One thing and one thing only, sales pitch change.



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