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Why do global warming alarmists always ignore solar panel color?

Take a look at this article in which presents the wonders of a magnificent dancing LEED certified building. It fits the imagination of what a building should be like in order to save the planet.

Articles like this are everywhere, they never mention mention the heat generated all day long when the sun shines by these BLACK non radiation reflecting panels. These panels get very hot and that heat ENTERS THE ATMOSPHERE. If the roof was white like the rest of the house, it would not generate heat. The energy created by these panels also generate heat, the power for washers, dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, and heat all generate HEAT. All of this heat is what causes the planet to warm, or does it?

 This whole idea that we need to manufacture and remanufacture in order to save the Earth from carbon dioxide is absurd. Our earth is surrounded by freezing space, not just freezing, sub sub sub sub freezing at minus 456 degrees farenheit. Every night the planet cools by this massive difference in temperature between space and radiation by sun warmed earth.

Another thing about these articles is how they never mention how much the building cost. Cost is energy. High costs = high energy use. A building that costs $1 million dollars is going to use more energy in it's production of the materials and assembly than one that costs $50,000. Manufacturing all these items used in construction releases heat in to the environment, it's not carbon that is the problem, trees take care of that, it's heat generation by all the manufacturing processes of the world constantly generating heat.

Thing is like I said, heat generated is balanced out by cooling.

It's always questionable when it's the elite with their gobs of money are the ones that can "be better stewards of the environment" than everyone else when it comes to saving the planet but these assertions or inferences are garbage.

 Al Gore, the leader of the climate cult, has a home that uses 20 times the energy most everyone else uses, why isn't he moving into a tiny home as seen on HGTV if he is so concerned about the planet? Because he's a huckster.

Hucksters always have something to sell you for their gain. He has gained a lot of $ in all his energy saving ventures that forced by law businesses to create carbon transfer credits which is a scam.

That's why democrats were voted out. The general public understands these kinds of absurd claims of doom.



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