I asked some detailed questions about the plan of building 175 turbines at Chevelon Butte and got a lot of warm hot air and fluffy concepts mostly in response that seemed to go in circles like dizzying wind blades



18 years after the horrific event of watching two skyscrapers fall in New York City I opened a letter which was a response to my questions I asked of the developer of a newly proposed wind farming project in Arizona at Chevelon Butte in Arizona just south of Winslow off the I-40.

A couple of things I wanted to know is how much output in kilowatt or megawatt HOURS their turbines will actually output on average based on all data they would have on this, not hyped up "will power 100,000 homes" crap like is often heard presented in medias.

Here is what they stated on that:

"Turbines use nominal amounts of back feed power to supply ancillary systems when the turbines are not operating, which is far outweighed by the net electrical output generated. Precise electrical calculations to estimate this nominal ancillary use will be prepared after final turbine model selection and final design."

update 1/9/2020 - since 9/11 I learned these wind systems are all BURNING UP EXCESS GRID ENERGY routinely

This concerns me as all of that model selction and final design process uses more green energy which is basically being supplied by taxpayers green energy coming out of their wallets to fund these things which many call scams. There must be a way to provide me at least a general number that is a real figure even estimated. I can only conclude that this is more fluff or put offs.

Regarding lease payments to the land owners of property where the turbines would be located, they did not even address that and did not cite any kind of confidentiality concern, but did say that other land owners would not receive anything. I have to point out that investors are surely going to get something on a regular basis and those land owners they sit on will as well based on other accounts of what they receive, and pretty much guaranteed as taxpayers use their green to fund these view destroying monstrocities that are inextricably tied to using fossil fuels while some who promote them tell us that they are going to free us from fossil fuels and to hand over our vote to them or we will die*.

So even though the majority of taxpayers pay for these things they get nothing back except of course lousy views for those who live and travel by them, and lofty lies about wind energy as told by others who claim wind energy is a fix to our energy problems.

In my question as to whether they would be providing electricity to land owners affected by these monstrocities they merely stated only the Arizona Public Service Electric Company has authority to do that. That really didn't address my broader context which was asking if there was any way this farm would be helping bring electricity directly to homes and properties in the Chevelon Canyon areas east of this project either in direct building of such or in providing subsidies for such electricity at "ground level" so to speak. Obviously taking in subsidies and not giving them out is a priority**.

Electricity provided to properties would save energy in many ways yet apparently wind farms do not have much interest in that, only interested in using our energy to "provide energy" to the grid even though it appears that wind farms are a net loss and especially if we were to add in calculations of the fossil fuel energies used to plan, develop, maintain, and then remove the blight after they have expired in their useful life. 

I asked about roads used and affected by regarding the delivery and transport of massive wind turbines and blades and columns and whether any roads would be paved, which roads would be used, and if a bridge over Chevelon Canyon might be constructed for access as I was told that an overpass in Winslow is too low for them to bring some of these parts in. I only got this, "A bridge crossing for Chevelon Canyon is not part of this wind energy project."

Sigh. I am not surprised.

*politicians keep insisting there is an existential threat of global warming doom looming over humanity and other recycled garbage nonsensical whims and we must vote for them or we will all die. I find this to be very cult like.

**and of course as many a climate change alarmist would state it's all for our better good as we save the planet from "burning up" even though it cools every night on it's own just fine and convection rules although many a politician and climate nut might claim they should rule by creating even more complex energy consuming methodologies to control Earth.



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