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written by Kenneth Wegorowski on 2/7/2020 and edited and published on 4/20/2020

It's like they think there's green Martians invading. All this CO2 is the Devil thing is such nonsense. Green house gasses do not cause green houses to warm, it's the sun and it's radiation going through clear glass and the fact that A SOLID MATERIAL traps the heat only allowing some of the heat to escape and slowly.

Carbon dioxide in a greenhouse has nothing to do with it heating.

The Earth's atmosphere is not a green house nor does it have a layer of glass above and even if it did air would not get stuck up there as air blankets of 4 parts of C and 8 parts of O totalling 12 parts per 10,000 parts of other air. It is physically impossible for any heat trapping to occur.

But watch plenty of TV and listen to idiot politicians and scamming hucksters all looking to make big bucks from your wallets and they will tell you the sky is falling.

As found on the Pragmatic Environmentalist blog,

The Citizens Budget Commission developed an overview of the CLCPA targets in Green in Perspective: 6 Facts to Help New Yorkers Understand the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.  The goals of the law include these greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets:

Offsets are another scam. It's allowing carbon dioxide somewhere else in exchange for allowing them where it is.

GHG is yet another sales tactic use of acronyms to give new meanings to what is merely carbon dioxide NOTHING.

GHG is green house emissions. Green houses do not emit anything. They are surrounded by glass.

Green houses do not emit carbon dioxide.

Plants in green houses emit oxygen.

We have been had had had had.



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