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There is a "Proposals to build a 46-turbine wind farm near Tomich that would be visible as far away as the Black Isle, Alness and the Fort William area have been attacked by locals who fear it could damage tourism" and I can say right now that if they build it, I might not ever visit there. Look at how beautiful it is without white propeller dizzy sticks.

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Looking Northwest across Newhall Point from a stubble field near near Allerton, the Black Isle in this image snapped in 2007 features not a turbine in sight where not a creature was stirring and the only movement visible was the stalks of grain gently swaying instead of spinning towering 60 scraper story telling tall tales of turbine propellers of white dominance.

I live near the 2000+ turbine mess at Palm Springs and only want to get the crap away from these things if I travel as a "tourist" to any exotic locations. Who wants to see them anywhere? No one.

The can be a tourist draw to a degree to those who believe in weather change and man's illusionary "need" to try to control it by dealing with 1 particle of the atmopshere to every other 2,499 particles which is TOTALLY INSANE weather policy but eventually those people will finally wake up and realize how we have been had and will seek out places void of these things when possible as most people don't want to see this stuff.

I suppose one could say that people still come to Palm Springs but that statement would ignore how Palm Springs had difficulties for decades as the east ends of the valley all grew leaps and bounds with massive amounts of new and very exclusive development and is where the greatest concentration of wealth is now and THEY DON'T HAVE WIND FARMS THERE AT ALL and would NEVER allow those in.

As I scanned west of the Black Isle area in Scotland I spotted an already sited wind farm in the hills above the Lochluichart Lodge. Unfortunately that too then would not be on my top of list places though the scenery looking west, south, and east must still be spectacular.

The Loch Ness Monster resides about 60 miles from there in Loch Ness.

Those who are rich off fossil fuels are able to travel to visit such exotic countries rich in history and in this case Scottish culture.

Certainly relying on the energy provided by wind farms are not going to create things like air travel to such destinations.

They can provide magic carpet rides though.



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