Freeing up transmission lines for wind by dumping coal power plants?



It's Ground Hog Day, I think he's afraid to come out as there is so much bickering going on everywhere. It's also the day the Mexican-American War ended in 1849. Meanwhile immigration wars continue. Go figure.

One of the issues of bicker of course is the existential threat of presidential candidates that promise you things that physics does not allow. Liberal candidates are pushing fake clean energy to the max, energy that is 100% reliant on fossil fuel based energies to function effectively shoveling so much of your money into their portfolios without you knowing it.

So about that "getting a free ride" on the wires idea that is presented by many who are 100% against wind, and in the theme of being unbiased, as I was researching the Chevelon Canyon area wind project and it's GEN-TIE to the grid I came across this blurb about the coal plant being phased out,

"The Cholla lant jointly owned by APS and PacificCorp, saw retirement of one of its four [coal fired] units in 2015 freeing up transmission capacity in it's lines".

I wonder how much is freed up? That could discount the argument against wind based on the "free ride" theory, but it still doesn't discount all the many other reasons wind energy transfer systems of your money to theirs as they rely on your money to function in perpetuity is not a good idea and all wind projects should be stopped now as wind power systems are schitzophrenic whereas coal and other down to Earth mineral based energy systems are 100% sane energy.

Replacing sane energy systems with schizophrenic systems is like being told to keep backing up for a better picture as you are on a cliff and neither you or the photo taker realize what is about to happen and neither of you notice the crowds waving their hands like spinning turbines do on a windy day trying to warn you as it's all about getting the picture just right.



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