What if you got a loss of $2,499 for every $1 you invested?



Seems obvious you would run as fast away from the sales pitch as you could or pull out immediately.

That math is simple.

With renewables that are pitched as being clean energy by the hucksters we basically pay $2 for every $1 we invest, we don't even get a return.

They have never provided any returns. Investors have known this forever. The only way renewables provide a return FOR THEM is when you pay for them.

You are getting a bill for $2 for every $1 you invest, and then after some years you lose your $1 investment.

So you are just making all these people rich off filthy dark carbon based renewable energy.

The atmosphere invests $1 particl of carbon dioxide for every $2,499 other particles of other air particles.

It allows the hot sun and the frigid space to do all the recycling work and creats bountiful returns in the growth of real green energy, plants.

It's high past time we return renewables to where we bought them from and demand a refund.

When you take off the blinders and the rose colored green glasses you can see what's left of the forest, nothing.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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