More energy used than ever produced in getting rid of ancient wind technology that was supposed to produce free energy and cost savings in Falmouth as costs to remove them soar into the ionisphere



This is in the state where Elizabeth Warren leads as a Senator. I think she is too busy babbling to study any of this stuff enough to ban these things for the entire state as she continues to remain deluded on puke green energy plans. 

This article below is not my own and presented for educational purposes as reference. Note the sound of a wind turbine is as loud as a lawnmower reference page 25 of Falmouth wind energy mitigation alternatives analysis presented by Weston & Sampson to the town of Falmouth Mass in December 2011.


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Falmouth Wind Turbine Costs Staggering Mounting 2.5 Million Plus
Officials Overestimated 2 Turbine "Failed Experiment" As 5 To 10 Million In Taxpayer Town Asset - They Have Been A 10 Year Liability
By Frank Haggerty, Neighbor
Nov 5, 2019 6:24 am ET
Removing 2 Wind Turbines Controlled Explosion (Dynamite) 70 to 100 Thousand Dollars
Removing 2 Wind Turbines Controlled Explosion (Dynamite) 70 to 100 Thousand Dollars (Credit

The town has hired an engineering company that says the town wind turbines have a life of up to 30 years. Based on these types of mechanical predictions of 30 years the town could keep its department of public works trucks, inspectional vehicles, fire trucks, and police vehicles operational for the same amount of time. All you have to do is just keep replacing parts on the old vehicles no matter what their assessment.

The assessment that the two town-owned wind turbines are worth between 5 and 10 million is erroneous in fact fifteen years old turbines scrap value won't pay for the removal costs and disposal of the blades.

Town Meeting Members for November 12, 2019, need to educate themselves as the Select Board is asking 2.5 million-plus and more down the road to take down the turbines and put them in storage.

The foreign-made two town-owned gearbox driven wind turbines named Falmouth Wind I and Wind II were designed in the late 1990s and no longer manufactured.

Falmouth Wind I the first town-owned wind turbine was manufactured in 2004 and placed in storage until installed in Falmouth in 2010. The Massachusetts state agency that originally owned two turbines could not sell its two turbines even at an auction no one bid on them and that was in 2009. The state agency had to give the Town of Falmouth one million in advance to take the turbine off its hands.

Why ten years later would anyone buy the same turbine or parts that couldn't be sold at auction in 2009?

Falmouth Wind II the second wind turbine identical to Falmouth Wind I was purchased as a result of a June 2009 Falmouth Special Town Meeting in which Town Meeting Members hastily voted on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds made available to borrow funds to purchase it. The Town of Falmouth signed a Project Regulatory Agreement loan brokered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulated by federal regulations for approximately 4.8 million dollars.

The ARRA stimulus PRA loan agreement requires Falmouth Wind II to continue to produce power or the entire loan and interest are due. The town borrowed 5 million to buy and install Falmouth Wind II. The loan and interest are due.

The Massachusetts state agency originally purchased two turbines in 2004 for 5.2 million or 2.6 million each. The installation costs of the two turbines are 5 million or 2.5 million each. The total cost to Falmouth taxpayers 10 million dollars.

Town Meeting Members have to ask how the town considers 15-year-old gear-driven wind turbines a 5 to 10 million dollar asset?

These older type gear-driven wind turbines are being taken down by the hundreds around the world in what is called a controlled environment. The turbines are dynamited, cut up and taken to the scrap yard. No one wants them the technology is thirty years old.

Town Meeting which meets every six months had in the past been approving legal advice of up to $300,000.00 every six months for more litigation in up to eleven lawsuits against the wind turbines over ten years.

This year is no different than any other year. The Town Meeting Members and taxpayers have been told in the past the lawsuits were a "Slam Dunk" and the town would win. The town financially lost big time and so did the neighbors' health. Now just another 2.5 million and more down the road another; "Slam Dunk?"

In June of 2017, the Massachusetts Superior Court agreed with the semi-judicial Falmouth Zoning Board that the town-owned wind turbines are a nuisance and shut down the turbines

In July of 2017, the Falmouth Select Board voted not to appeal the court shut down finding. The Falmouth Chairwoman who is now running for a state senate seat said: "It's time to put the matter behind us and move forward."

In January of 2019, the Falmouth Select Board wanted to put the wind turbines up for sale in which the town received nine letters of interest but now instead wants to spend 2.5 million-plus to put them in storage. This decision only puts the taxpayers behind the Eight ball.

The Town of Falmouth over the past ten years have demonstrated, time and again, in both word and deed, that their solution, and the Town of Falmouth's solution, is nothing more than to deny the extent of the problem, express moderate sympathy and do nothing but throw taxpayer resources at the problem.

The town and its hawkish Administration continue to shirk their responsibility to the town's residents who are considered as mere "collateral damage." The town is the owner and the operator of the wind turbines and the perpetrator of the physical and now financial harm throwing pixie dust on the problem.

In 2009 no one wanted to buy these gear-driven wind turbines built on a wind turbine company platform that went out of business because of gearbox failures and in addition, no bids were received at an auction in 2009.

The Falmouth Select Board has to stop spreading the green pixie dust thinking a magical event is going to bring great success to the wind turbine installations. The turbines have no value in a wind market that has technological upgrades every six months.

Note #

In Minnesota, Xcel Energy estimates conservatively that it will cost $532,000 (in 2019 dollars) to decommission each of its wind turbines—a total cost of $71 million to decommission the 134 turbines in operation at its Noble facility.

Decommissioning Palmer's Creek facility in Chippewa County, Minnesota, is estimated to cost $7,385,822 for decommissioning the 18 wind turbines operating at that site, for a cost of $410,000 per turbine.

These turbines are going to a landfill and will not be stored as no one wants them.

Here's how they cost to energy generation ratios presented to the city say how they can deal with the problem of ice flying off hundreds of feet to land on cars, have the custodian put up signs telling people in parking lots that baby it's cold outside as if people don't know. Problem is when some liberal overactivists online see this they will tell us the sign is racist and that will use more energy to change it to something less offensive, more inclusive, and entirely retarded as another way to fix what is not broken. source


In the report presented to the city way back in 2011 it also states shadow flicker can be mitigated by adding systems that cost $15,000. They would change direction at certain times to the flicker was not noticed, more of a long shadow like of a tall tree trunk without branches. This would reduce energy output as well as they would be turned USING GRID ENERGY so that the wind blades were perpendicular to the wind, not facing it, thus no energy produced. Ask Elizabeth Warren if she can define "perpendicular".



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