Commercially viable Eureka Humbolt County California renewable energy dump site proposal



Since renewable energy is routinely DUMPED ONTO WIND FARMS to be burned up when it can't be used because of it's chaotic nature, I am going to continue to refer to these projects as energy dump sites. We can acronymize this as EDS. There is a lot of public interest in this Humbolt Wind project at the mostly in opposition. Staff report gushes with praise and support, as always. Environmental IMPACT report SCH# 201872076 "identified significant unavoidable impacts to aesthetics, air quality, biological resources, and cultural and tribal resources". The county as we read in this staff report voted down the project because of these UNAVOIDABLE IMPACTS of wind farms. This is in CALIFORNIA no less, filled with leaders who love the Paris Climate Accord, hate Trump, and apparently saw the reality of how destructive renewable energy dump sites can be to areas. It is too bad, probably criminal, that Board of Supervisors in Coconino County and Navajo County regarding the Chevelon Butte renewable energy dump site cannot see it the same way, all they see is $. EDS should not be built anywhere. We tried them out wrecking the Palm Springs San Gorgonio pass starting in the 1970's and it's well proven that they are scams yet the delusional public that relies on television bullshit continues to push for these with the false notion that they are saving energy, but they waste energy, this is indisputable by all standards of physics and calculations. Californians gave up subsidizing these energy dump sites in 1985 then lo and behold a new generation got conned. Going into the new millenium we witnessed the fake "green energy" movement that pushed for these as solutions to all our fake energy woes and then the insane climate change cult became a world wide religion whereas people now believe that man influences the world's climate more than the sun and frigid space as they now walk around with sandwich boards telling us not only it's THE END IS NEAR but also that the planet is burning up which is so stupid. It's all a giant con game to get your energy. Follow the energy you will see it all flowing into Wall Street banks and rich portfolios around the world being plucked from your much smaller personal energy resources. We worship Bear River Ridge, the gods, Mother Nature, not industrial wind. We are continually losing farmland to this crap. To be 100% puke green energy which would provide the USA chaotic tempertantrum AYOK like fit energy very hard to deal with, shuts itself down when mad, we would lose about 80% of all our open space and farmlands. That would make the USA 97% dependent on foreign food. It would make the hysteria about being dependent on foreign oil look like a cartoon.

Eureka! I discovered a way to get filthy rich off filthy green energy


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