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written by Kenneth Wegorowski on 4/1/2020 published on 4/20/2020

The world's most educated institutions of governing in societies that are so incredibly rich off fossil fuels and not Christopher Columbus Nina, Pinta, & Santa Maria sail boat energy have all jumped ship of sanity as they have instituted 6 foot distance guidelines, stay at home orders, closures of half the world's businesses, massive transfers of funds, hotels now empty during peak season, airlines bankrupt, unemployment skyrockets into other galaxies, as leaders looking out for our health burn up so much cash in one short time frame it's more dizzying than watching 49 square miles of wind farm turbine propeller sticks spinning out of control. Quickly they will need to find ways of cutting expenses to pay for all this yet again inefficient transfer of energy.

Someone made a suggestion,

"Nearly all of the £15 billion a year cost can be saved for the duration of this emergency by the expedients of suspending the majority of renewables subsidies (Renewables Obligation, Contracts for Difference, and FiT, excepting only payments to small domestic generators) and the Climate Change Levy (CCL) and the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)."

Anyone who believes in what is being presented by this new improved virus monster called SKEEM-200 or whatever should compare marketing approaches to the renewable industry. It's wild outrageous claims about how much of this or that can be powered by wind are as outrageous as the claims of what non-living viruses are claimed to do to humans.

Everyone needs to step back from the news outlets everywhere and study how antibodies are always working in the body to handle whatever new as seen on TV threat is thrown at it. This is a fundamental concept forging the very foundation of what is claimed to be how the human body works and immunity. Antibodies match and mirror and eliminate. Basic principle. They keep turning this fundamental inside out and stomping on it.

There are so much smoke and mirrors emanating from that tube box and certain individuals in government really there should be a law requiring smoke and stench detectors on them while we sit there mesmerized being misguided and watching and wondering what life used to be like when those who claimed they were all about public health told us to get exercize at a health club and go to work so we had food and shelter to stay healthy.

Instead there seems to be a mental problem in these institutions now.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski