You will be shocked when you find out why your electric bills keep going up


4/1/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

Today is April Fools Day. It's a day to reflect over how we've been made fools of and have fun withit. We should have lists of everything that has fooled us presented to us on this day starting with the wool over our eyes energy systems of 'renewables' and their claims of how they are 'clean' and 'free which they are none of those things.

Take for example how electronics give you more each year while their prices keep going down.

Today you can buy a computer system that streams, stores, edits, shares full movies. They can be sent around the world in seconds.

TV's are now big computers themselves offering wide screens like in theaters. They used to be round at one time made of a display that was cathode ray and tubes.

They are efficient as their core systems are based on enginerring mathematics and physics that are logical.

So why is electricity always going up. Same with gasoline. The raw materials are easier than ever to pull out of the ground. The systems become cheaper to process.

A video presentation by Prager U makes the reasons simple and clear.

Here are some of the points made in the short film and some others to keep in mind while evaluating this dilemma of ever increasing electric bills:

  1. subsitizing solar and wind takes your money and gleefully hands it over to a less efficient energy system

  2. natural gas prices have halved and coal has lowered

  3.  wind and solar is not efficiently 'storable' in containers and distrupts normal electricity flow complex mechanical electronic systems struggle to manage the chaos

  4. the pitch for wind and solar making the air clean is disingenuous as our air was already basically clean before the last 20 years of renewable obsession

  5. when wind and solar 'farms' are built more need is established for buffer power sources that is such that a natural gas plant would need to be there as a 2ndary back up source

  6. transmission line costs add to the bill as the more wind and solar systems are added more need for long routes of transmission lines

  7. we are not actually incentivizing these not so new industries as for example the first wind turbine was built in 1888 we are propping them up with our money energy

  8. benefits such as lucrative pensions also play roles most all electric companies provide great wages and benefits


Another point to consider is how projects in California which touts itself as the 'model' for the world (cough cough due to the political smog) while it's getting a ton of energy from Washington State's hydro electric dams while it works to remove it's dams and all reliable nuclear and coal power. Washington is exporting it's EXCESS electricity to California. So why is California still building wasteful wind and solar? I posted this on the Save Our Ridges website that is working to stop the utter destruction of more pristine landscapes there in Washington state. Maybe this too will help explain or at least enlighten us.

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