It's all dirty energy all of it there is no such thing as clean energy and there is no such thing as clean dirt so what is the problem?



We keep fighting back claims of dirty energy but that too is a waste of energy.

Coal is burned, minerals enter the atmosphere, they are recycled. Dirt is dirty are we going to keep that in the ground too? End dust storms because they are dirty?

Wind energy relies on grids, causes more energy to be used, is inefficient, it's dirty energy. What everrrrrrrrrrrr.

For example Germany used massive amounts of energy to build green rainbow unicorn grids with black and blue energy and produced a lot of energy one day when it was real windy and then people paid more for their energy for negative pricing schemes,

"It is estimated that so-called grid stabilizing measures due to excess wind power supply in 2020 could cost consumers a total €4 billion ($4.9 billion) in extra bills for electricty that is sold at a negative price or even never produced."

So people have to use more energy and this causes everything to remain the same where it's those who are after your energy get all the energy.....and then a speck of cellular debris flew into the system and stopped everything.

The rich too couldn't even go anywhere the airports empty, supply chain difficulties, all to stop the winds of understanding reality flowing.

All the so called "smart" networks and all the "smart" men couldn't put the network back together again.



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